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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 7, 2017

I say “Way to go!” to those two young ladies in Gilmer County. No one should be treated the way they were treated.

I am so glad the WVU Mountaineers lost. They make me sick. I am so glad they lost.

The Summersville Nicholas County Board of Education has lost all sight of what they are doing. They are not even thinking about the kids now. The state board needs to get rid of them or fire them or something and Summersville needs to speak up.

The reason the same-sex couple filed a federal lawsuit instead of a state lawsuit was that they wanted all the attention they could get. Well it does not fly with me.

Congress returns to Washington and I guess the only thing they will do is plan their next vacation. This do nothing Congress should have been fired a long time ago.

I remember right after Sept. 11 that Bush said “Freedom has been attacked today but freedom will be defended.” Twenty years later, $20 trillion later, 20,000 men wounded and maimed and 6,000 dead and we are still in the same position when the buildings fell down. Nothing has changed except that. We defended freedom all right.

For the person traveling Corridor G in the morning, I recommend you start earlier. You seem to think that Corridor G is the main highway. I have news for you, Oakwood Road is only one of three outlets from South Hills that hold a huge number of people.

I have been a lifelong Democrat and I still vote Democrat. The road bond is not just for Gov. Justice. It is for the people. The money is already allotted. We just have to vote for it. Just because the governor is for it does not mean I am against it. It is for the people and I will vote for it.

I would like to thank the kind man at the Marmet Labor Day parade who helped me when my granddaughter had a seizure. Angels are always where you need them.

Message to a lot of you young ladies. Why don’t you find a man with a job and not a habit? You are only ruining your life. If you have any children you are ruining their lives also.

The sports complex at Shawnee is a bad idea. If there is chemical release at the plant or a rail car or tractor-trailer accident they would block the road west where no one can escape to the interstate. It would be too crowded with all the students at the university and people at the complex. It would be one big mess.

The article about Hollywood having its worse summer in 25 years ignores the “Dixie Chick” effect. When entertainers mix personal politics with their jobs they lose some supporters and it is reflected at the ticket booth. Just look at the audience down turn at the NFL for the player taking a knee.

Please, please continue publishing a newspaper seven days a week. Please do not drop Monday.

Why can’t the world community understand that you have a 20 some year old North Korean dictator punk who is in charge of nuclear weapons? Something has to be done about that.

Please Kanawha County Parks and Recreation, don’t name the new sports complex after publicity-seeking Kent Carper. It should be Kanawha County Sports Complex. Please, please don’t make such a big political and bi-partisan mistake.

How many jobs will actually be created by the road bond? Only larger companies from out of state can do all those contracts. And there are not many unskilled labor positions that they will fill with WV workers.

Just read a vent stating a majority of our youth does drugs. What a ridiculous generalization.

Of course the Obama administration was not able to get a law passed for the DACA children. It was the Republican-majority Congress who would not vote for anything former president Obama proposed. You know ... Obstructionists! What goes around comes around.

A caller said that “Trump haters” don’t hate Trump, they just realize that he is dangerous for our country. Is that why you constantly criticize his hair, his hands, and his wife’s clothing?

The only way we will ever have a truly fair tax system will be if we ever have a flat income tax paired with a fair consumption tax. No credits and no deductions. The only exceptions to pay this tax should be our elderly and severely handicapped. I don’t know why it’s so hard to fix this.

It has become clear that “Christian values” is an oxymoron.

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