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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 9, 2017

I thought Holgorsen was going to coach up the special teams. After watching the game films it is obvious that they contributed mightily to our loss.

I was all for supporting Gov. Justice with coal and gas taxes to help this state. But I will not support this road levy after he did that turn, I will not support nothing. Let sink holes take over the roads.

The HOPE Community Development Corporation is being sued by Charleston for not paying $42,000 in city refuse and fire fees. A venter wants Mayor Jones to give this company a break. I am a landlord with 21 rentals paying $315 a month in refuse fees. I don’t think that I would be given a break.

I do not feel sorry for these DACA kids. They have had time to become US citizens and they have not done that. That in itself should tell you something. They want the privileges but don’t want the work to become US citizens.

Just because people don’t agree with something doesn’t mean that they are haters. They have the right to disagree. We also have the right to communicate with someone and tell our opinions. Without communication where are we? This is called America.

Congratulations to Steve Cooper. I know you will be as good a chief as you were a detective. We are very proud of you.

My only hope is that Daniel Heyman files a lawsuit against the Capitol Police for wrongful arrest. All he was trying to do was ask Tom Price a question and he was arrested for that. That is wrong.

Never have two less qualified leaders been so endowed with such devastating power without the requisite impulse control upon which civilization depends. Our future depends upon two cartoon characters. How in the world did we get here?

I, too, miss the British comedies, but I agree with the president. Some changes had to be made on PBS. I would rather that money go to the military. It looks like we are going to need it with North Korea. Contact your local PBS and speak to Mr. Scott Finn he is the local coordinator. If enough people complain maybe he will change it back.

If somebody calls someone a fool that is a pretty good indication that they are a fool.

I am a senior citizen and I live in Rainelle. This town got a grant to improve the water system and now they have raised the water bill and the trash bill. I am on a fixed income. This town should be ashamed of themselves. The mayor and the town council should stop and think. They are going to be old sometime themselves.

Hey WVU, the learning curve was supposed to be over before you met Virginia Tech. You should have known all of this before. These guys did not field punts. Get on the ball, you need to teach these guys something. You are not teaching them properly.

Fix the darn roads. Do not build a new road until you fix the existing road and do not vote for the new road bond issue.

It is going to be a real shame but Florida is going to have a state income tax.

2017 is a devastating trifecta with President Trump, Harvey, and Irma.

A recent venter must be delusional or watching only Fox News. I read on CNN’s website about the President’s $1M donation due to Hurricane Harvey. That was very generous of the president. Did the venter donate anything instead of spewing mainstream media hate?

Our country is being challenged with some of the worst disasters of a lifetime. It all began with the election of a president who is destroying our democratic government with fascism and now the onset of multiple hurricanes to destroy property, people and infrastructure. What next? Bombs from North Korea?

All of these natural disasters are God’s way of saying “Climate change is not a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese.”

I hate to tell the South Hills person but Corridor G is actually U.S. 119. A U.S. route trumps a city street each and every day. The corridor traffic is the primary concern. You should have thought about that before you chose to move to that congested area.

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