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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 11, 2017

Want to know why gas prices have soared 50 cents per gallon? Greed ... also known as American Exceptionalism.

Shame on the City of Charleston for damaging the Boulevard for a bike path. Just one more reason I won’t be voting for the bond referendum. Shame!! Shame!!

A few months ago, I decided to begin wearing my “Army Veteran” baseball cap when I went out in public. I did this to see how many people would thank a veteran for their service. After more than four months, I am saddened to note that fewer than 25 people took the time to recognize me as a veteran.

Guess what? I most certainly do know if I’m coming or going, and I don’t wear a ball cap! And if I did,it certainly wouldn’t be red with white letters on it — and Trump is ruining our country!

Don’t answer phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize. Scammers call to find out if yours is an active number. They sell your number to other scammers, so the more you answer, the more calls you’ll get. Some robocalls say to press 9 to get on a Do Not Call list, but that’s also a scam to find active numbers. They can make it look like a local number. Those who really want you will leave a message.

It is commendable that Congress will find the funds to give support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It is a disgrace that Congress can find trillions of taxpayer dollars to fund the repeated destruction and rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan while failing to provide affordable health care for the citizens of the United States.

I’m sure Florida and Georgia are going to be hurt pretty bad after Hurricane Irma, but if there’s anything we can actually do to help the Caribbean islands, we should do it. They’re just devastated.

Why didn’t AG Morrisey make a big announcement about joining the lawsuit to reverse DACA? Would he be this silent about decisions if he was elected to the Senate?

Prostitutes arrested. No pictures or names reported. Johns arrested. Pictures and names in the paper. Why isn’t this considered sexist?

To NBC, CBS and ABC. We cannot see all of the news because of all those tag lines. We know what channel we are watching, we have a remote in our hands. It is very disturbing you put all of this on the screen and we cannot see the whole main story. It is ridiculous.

Justice Ketchum said on that right-to-work lawsuit that the court cannot decide if the law is fair. Really. I thought that is why we elected justices was to decide if laws are constitutional and fair. Since he cannot do his job maybe he should not run for re-election.

These Dreamer kids were brought here as infants and children. They didn’t have a choice or say in the decision, but we have one now in determining what happens to them. They were raised here. This is home. It’s the only one they know. To send them back is cruel and unusual punishment. We’ve got laws against that kind of thing.

Thank you, thank you Frontier for the larger print phone book. Very nice.

I really just don’t understand why BridgeValley never paid their rent.

The last thing anyone needs right now is a movie about a homicidal clown bent on killing children.

I wish Yeager Airport offered affordable flights to anywhere out west. It costs an arm and a leg to fly anywhere not Myrtle Beach.

It’s really something that any representative in Texas voted against relief for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

I think the Kanawha County Public Library should take a serious look at the old Sears space in the Charleston Town Center.

Eastern Kanawha County needs an affordable gym or fitness center or something. Anything positive. We’re dying up here.

Taylor Swift’s new song isn’t very good. “Look what you made me do,” turns radio off.

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