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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 12, 2017

Did anyone else notice there have been very few bugs on the windshields this summer? Where did they all go?

I was at the DMV in Kanawha City for over two hours and had to leave with no license. An employee on our left waited on only two people in two hours. If these people would do their job it would not take so long. Their supervisor needs to make sure they do their job or maybe they need a new supervisor or maybe we need a new head of the DMV.

Thanks to the 911 dispatcher who stayed on the line with me at 4 a.m. until the Chesapeake police showed up to apprehend a disturbed person. I really appreciate it.

DACA was already on the agenda for Congress’ return. Regardless of Harvey or Irma’s fateful timing. President Trump has visited Houston area twice plus gave of his and Melania’s time to help with the delivery of food and goods. He gave $1 million of his own money to help the Houston people. How does this stack up as a non-compassionate evil person?

People look at these hurricanes and fires in the west. More than likely we will have earthquakes in some part of our country. Climate change is not the problem. It is a warning from God almighty.

Thanks to Tesla for contributing their battery charging system to our state parks. Now if we could just get the Legislature to allow Tesla to be sold in our state that would be great.

What do you mean most marriages do not work out? I am on my fifth marriage. I love being married. I hate being single. Besides, divorce is like killing the enemy. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

I never was much for president Trump. Now since he decided that he can get it worked out that both sides work for the people with that deal the other day I think he is a fantastic person.

Who does Renate Pore want to pay for Medicaid? She seems to want to give it to everybody but does not say how she wants it paid for.

I would like to thank the kind man who paid for my gas on Big Tyler Road on Sept. 6.

I, too, am disappointed that the Monday paper is being discontinued. However, I do realize that many businesses have to cut back in today’s business world. Just keep doing the best you can. Remember that many people like me do not have computers, so that is not an option for some of us. I do hope that Sandy Wells column will be run on a different day of the week.

Regarding the road bond issue vote. The pay as you go funds are enough to fix the roads. Do we really need new roads such as Jefferson Road to benefit such a few at the tune of $66 million dollars? There will be cost overrun issues and we will get more taxes. Let’s pay as we go.

Who is the clown driving around blasting the music that no one wants to hear?

To the reader who wanted to know why gasoline jumped 50 cents in price overnight. It is quite simple. It is called greed. Or in the American vernacular, capitalism.

Republican Reps. Alex Mooney and Evan Jenkins from West Virginia voted against aid for Texas and Florida. They are despicable and should not even be in office.

I respectfully disagree with the person who said we should complain to Scott Finn and demand British comedies back. Even though I enjoy the British shows, WVPBS did exactly what I would have done. Kid and educational shows would remain and the comedies would go.

Again, it must be pointed out that the stretch of the Kanawha Boulevard getting a bike path, also known as Route 60, is a U.S. route. It’s not a state or city route, and construction on it requires approval by the U.S. government. Most likely the federal government provided the funds for the project as well.

BridgeValley failed to pay rent for two years because they never received a bill. They can’t pay out money without an invoice. To do otherwise would be illegal. Why would the owner refuse the simple request?

If the Mountaineers make so you sick, I’d hate to see how torn up you are over real issues like climate change, voter suppression, and systemic racism.

From Saturday’s Readers’ Vent: “If somebody calls someone a fool that is a pretty good indication that they are a fool.” Sounds suspiciously like something a President Trump supporting fool would think. This is your brain on Trump.

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