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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 13, 2017

I just love reading Alice Faye Bragg. I wish she was in there every day. The column she writes makes me think of my home and makes me homesick sometimes.

I have read all the reasons in the Readers’ Vent for not fixing the roads with a bond issue. They are all childish. For heaven’s sake. Let’s get the roads fixed.

Is it amazing to me how a state like Texas and even Florida to some extent which are very conservative and want to stand on their own and don’t have state income tax are standing there with their hands held out for federal help.

If you don’t vote for the road bill then don’t expect the city or the state or the county to pay for your broken axle when your car falls into a pot hole.

PBS does not need two channels. If they would combine them there would be more than enough funds to provide the Saturday morning British comedies.

You are totally clueless and ignorant about the DACA kids. Many of them have joined the U.S. military and are carrying you on their backs so you can enjoy your freedom. You will never understand.

I really have a lot of admiration for Rick Scott. He has really stayed on top of things. He is a great governor.

I have a great respect for Hoppy Kercheval and his broadcasting and listen to his as often as I can. These last two broadcasts have been terrible. I don’t know who his partner is but they are ruining his show.

Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened” should be called “What Happened — You Know What Happened I Lied.”

I think the main post office on Lee Street East needs to find a new custodian. That place is really dirty inside and out. It is really bad.

I am 100% a Marshall fan but now I can die in peace. Ohio State and Notre Dame both lost on the same day.

These weather reporters should know how stupid they look standing outside in a hurricane. You could expect that from a politician.

I was told by a hardcore Mountaineer fan why WVU was playing Delaware State. One game flip-flopped in their schedule so they had to pick up a game. Delaware is one of the worst teams in the nation. It will be a 60-0 blow-out. Games like that are no fun and do not help the Mountaineers. It makes them worse.

At some places the price of gas went up 40 to 50 cents a gallon overnight after this hurricane hit. If that isn’t price gouging I don’t know what is because the price of a barrel of gas is still under $50. The attorney general is not going to do anything because he is weak.

Young men. Pull up your pants. You have no respect for yourselves, for women or for children. Grow up and pull up your pants. Have some self-respect.

No, President Trump is not ruining our country. Former presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton ruined our country. You better wake up and realize what Trump is trying to do to help our country.

Last week, Rush Limbaugh bad-mouthed the hurricane warnings and said it was all a liberal media conspiracy. I hope none of his deplorable fans took his advice and stayed home.

Will the DNR provide scientific evidence that elk purchased from Arizona will not carry fleas that carry the plague? It should be a bigger concern than Chronic Wasting Disease as humans can be affected by the plague.

No more holy matrimony for me! Next time, I will buy her a house and live with her for three years.

Wouldn’t it be nice if local news stations stuck with local news?

I think that Congress should be ashamed of themselves. Bickering over aid relief. It should be illegal for any member of Congress to even propose an unrelated attachment to any emergency or natural disaster relief legislation. All relief bills should be clean and simply a up or down vote. There should never be any pork or politics allowed.

The right-to-work law is legal. It was passed by a lawfully elected Legislature. We, the workers, want the law. We need the law in place. It’s the corrupt unions that are fighting the law not the workers. These types of laws have worked really well in other states and it will here too.

It was nice to see Brian Williams reporting the hurricane news all day yesterday on NBC. He was one of the best Nightly News anchors NBC has ever had. It’s sad to see that Brian lost his anchor job due to embellishing the truth about an event during his career, when we have a president who lies about everything every day to the citizens of our great country. President Trump can make America great again by resigning.

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