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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 14, 2017

A person who does not know the difference between methane and methanol should not be allowed to write your editorials. It makes them sound foolish.

What happened to the ad bulletin? A lot of seniors used it that do not have a computer. It is greatly missed.

I think that Mayor Danny Jones should lower the user fee because of the gasoline price going up. Poor people working in the city of Charleston; some have to drive a pretty good distance to get to work.

The construction crew over at Holz doing the water system needs to do a better job at getting the traffic through there. To have to sit there for 15 or 20 minutes is unacceptable.

There was a state board of education member Gov. Jim Justice appointed had a DUI on Friday in Morgantown. Why was he not fired? That was a terrible thing to do.

The water company is taking too long to give us our money back. I am still buying bottled water. I do not trust the water company. Something needs to be done.

Hillary Clinton has cried so much she had to write a book. Her and her followers are still crying. Guess what. Donald Trump is our president, so get over it Hillary and the rest of the Democrats.

To the Army vet who said only 25 people acknowledged him for his military service. Get over yourself. I think that is a good number of people. Over a third of West Virginia men have served in the military. You have a lot of gall.

Make no mistake Gov. Jim Justice walked out on me when I needed him most. Therefore I cannot help you Jim. I cannot vote for your road bond issue. I must vote no.

I wish someone from the county would come up Lens Creek Road and see how this community has made this place nothing but a trash dump.

Whoever wanted to know about the bugs? We have not had a lot of bugs since that freeze last May. If you noticed not a lot of things got pollinated or were growing this year.

Trump said he was going to give $1 million to Irma/Harvey relief. He has a history of not following through or misusing money from his foundation, which is under investigation.

Why are the Gazette editors so against religious schools? Seems to me they want to take God out of everything. That is not going to work. To use Turkey as their example is ridiculous at best.

I was wondering if there is going to be a class action lawsuit against Rep. Alex Mooney for his unwanted calls coming to my house two and three times a week. I wish they would just quit calling my house.

I hope all those lawsuits against the pill makers will include the state Board of Pharmacy and the Board of Medicine as those government agencies allowed what happened in the state. They cost us many lives in the state and they should all be sued.

You have been married five times? Hey, maybe it is you.

I doubt that the current members of the Kanawha County Commission will receive very many votes from golfers in the next election.

WVU is playing Delaware State because they need the practice and it makes them look better in the “W” column.

Hillary Clinton’s “What happened?” You disparaged the working class of America and expected them to elect buoy anyway. Not the emails, not the crimes you committed, not your sleazy past. You were just disrespectful.

A barrel of gas costs $50? There is no such thing. It’s a barrel of crude oil that costs $50.

I’m undecided on the road bill. Yes, I want our roads fixed, but I’ve seen so much money wasted by our state DOH through the years. I’m tired of giving them more.

No, unions are not hungry hogs. Pay your dues as you would have to in order to obtain benefits in any other organization, pass the drug tests, pass the required training, prove yourself on the job, and you are more than welcome. The real shame is that the right-to-workers don’t want to earn their benefits, but instead want a free ride!

To the venter who was so proud of President Trump donating to Hurricane Harvey, so far not one of these organizations have received his check and they aren’t expecting to. He is notorious for promising money and never following through.

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