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Letter to the editor: ‘Solar socialism’ editorial misinformed

In light of the recent announcement by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA that 2015 was the hottest year ...

Letter to the editor: Carbon fee could unlock potential

Energy usage and wealth are directly correlated, which is why energy subsidies have been with the nation from its inception.

Historical coal subsidies include state-sponsored geological surveys and grants for the development of railroads that...

Letter to the editor: Families leaving for right-to-work states

In the past few weeks there has been a campaign waged by labor unions against the Legislature passing a right-to-work law.

Turn on your TV and you are likely to see a pro-union commercial that says if a right-to-work law is passed, then jobs...

Letter to the editor: ‘Religious Freedom’ act adds insult to injury

On the Feb. 8 Daily Mail Opinion page, Republican Delegate John O’Neal spent a lot of column inches defending House...

Letter to the editor: Davis center helps boy, family

I am writing about my family’s experience with Angie Shockley with Q&A Associates in Davis, W.Va., and how they changed our lives.

My son, Jonny, has sensory processing disorder. We met Angie at a stable where she gave trail rides. From...

Bill Nevin: Payment to WVU Foundation is not waste
Bill Nevin: Payment to WVU Foundation is not waste

State pays for rent and utilities while Foundation gives millions to WVU

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