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Rick Steelhammer: On Trumping for peace and toilet paper warfare

Last week was a strange one for global politics.

First, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and then North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un launched a balloon-borne scatological warfare...

Rick Steelhammer: Three things you don’t really need to know to start off 2016

With temperatures in the mid-70s, thunderstorms and even a small tornado in the Parkersburg area on Christmas Eve, Santa was probably glad to put West Virginia in his sleigh’s rear-view following his most recent gift-giving run to the Mountain...

Essays on Faith: Say hello again

Say “hello” to the New Year. Summer and fall have retreated; winter is with us. God likes a bit of change, and so do we.

As we celebrate a New Year, say “hello” to those who need warmth and kindness, just as we do....

Essays on Faith: I used to be

My Uncle John S. Wallace was what we used to call a “school man.” He was not only a district superintendent but a classroom teacher of mathematics. He had studied German in college, and was one of two children of the eight born of my...

Statehouse Beat: 2015 a turbulent year at Capitol

It was a historic and hysterical year at the Statehouse, particularly notable for the change of leadership in the Legislature, as Republicans took control of the House and Senate for the first time in more than 80 years.

It’s not...

Innerviews: Belated artist Chris Wood paints name for himself
Innerviews: Belated artist Chris Wood paints name for himself

Artistic talent will not be denied. Ignored or stifled, yes. Shoved aside by the practical demands of everyday living, sure. But sooner or later, creativity has a way of bubbling to the surface and commanding attention.

In Chris Wood’s...

Essay on Faith: The greatest gift

First thing each morning, I like to take a few moments of rest from all activities — and become still. I do not talk or think about what I should be doing. The less I focus on me and my surroundings, the more at peace I am. As I maintain...

Rick Steelhammer: A tale of two pound pups

When it comes to rescue dog owners, the rich are different.

Take the case of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who rescued his pet dog, Copper, from an alley more than 10 years ago.

But before that deed evokes any warm or fuzzy...

Innerviews: Bishop calls for trumpeting good news at Christmas
Innerviews: Bishop calls for trumpeting good news at Christmas

She’s a female bishop, the first in the United Methodist Church’s West Virginia Conference, a trail-blazer in a male-dominated domain that generally clings fiercely to tradition. People make a big deal about that.

But at Christmas,...

Rick Steelhammer: Protest over new ship’s name may not hold water

I sympathize with the call to replace Andrew Jackson’s image on the $20 bill with the face of a figure from American history embodying substantially more moral fiber, like Harriet Tubman, one of the Underground Railroad’s most fearless,...

Essays on Faith: ‘I wonder as I wander’

In the twinkling of an eye, nature was in transition. The fall season said its goodbye, wandering off stage.

People have wondered down through he ages what existed beyond a mountain or on the other side of an ocean. We all have an itch, once in...

Statehouse Beat: WV Senate renovations needed, clerk says

I told Senate Clerk Clark Barnes I wouldn’t take this week’s column in the direction of “In the midst of a state budget crisis, the state Senate goes on a spending spree.”

In fact, I would concur that most of the more ...

Innerviews: Phone company pole man reflects on award-worthy life
Innerviews: Phone company pole man reflects on award-worthy life

Elwood Brown owes his livelihood to Uncle Sam. What he learned in the U.S. Army’s Signal School turned into his life’s work.

He was a pole man. Rain, sleet, snow or searing heat, often in the dead of night, he responded to calls...

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