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Gazette editorial: We are torn over three Dems for WV governor

Three candidates, each with his own strengths, are running for the Democratic nomination to be West Virginia’s next governor. In the order that they filed for office:

Gazette endorsement: Mullens, Montgomery for family court judge
Gazette endorsement: Mullens, Montgomery for family court judge

Two Kanawha Family Court judges face opposition in the non-partisan election this spring. We endorse the incumbents.

Gazette editorial: Morrisey shouldn’t waste time on Virginia teen’s case

Why is Attorney General Patrick Morrisey jumping into court to help other states inflict prejudice on people with different sexual identity?

Editorial: Wealth from the mind

Morgantown native Wes Bush — who was a brainy student at the National Youth Science Camp, then went on to head the gigantic Northrop Grumman aerospace conglomerate — gave business leaders of the Charleston Area Alliance a clear...

Gazette editorial: Teachable moments matter

Some Dunbar residents are upset because a middle-school teacher asked seventh-graders to discuss the “Black Lives Matter” movement as part of a civil rights lesson.

Gazette editorial: Jean Anne Luikart for Putnam magistrate
Gazette editorial: Jean Anne Luikart for Putnam magistrate

For the first time, county magistrate races are nonpartisan, meaning voters make the final decision during the primary election. Also, candidates run in individual races for each seat.

Gazette editorial: Sentelle, Coyner for Putnam school board
Gazette editorial: Sentelle, Coyner for Putnam school board

As usual, the nonpartisan Board of Education races are decided during the primary election, and in Putnam County, two incumbents deserve to be returned to the board.

Gazette editorial: Save lives, soothe budget, tax tobacco more

So far, the Republican-controlled Legislature remains unable to raise enough revenue to keep West Virginia’s government solvent. In other words, with a few exceptions, the GOP seems unable to govern.

Potpourri: Monday, April 18, 2016

Fewer people are moving into some of the nation’s most expensive — and previously desired — neighborhoods, favoring instead more affordable locations, reports the ...

Gazette editorial: How much future should WV forfeit for no-tax vow?

Almost every West Virginia politician agrees that education is the key to a prosperous economy and successful careers for young people. Yet the Republican-controlled Legislature seems likely to hit state-owned colleges and universities with another...

Gazette editorial: Prejudice hurts everyone, not just the target

Not all West Virginia Republicans support laws that allow prejudice against gays. Several oppose a so-called “religious freedom” proposal that would let pious business owners refuse to serve homosexuals, or let religious landlords evict...

Editorial: Mountaineers invited to swap healthy community tactics

West Virginia sits at second-worst in America’s obesity rate, but as organizers of the Try This Conference! like to say, “We don’t have to stay there.”

Gazette editorial: Remember ‘that giant sucking sound’?

Carrier Corporation just announced that it will move an air-conditioner plant — which provided 1,400 good-paying jobs at Indianapolis — to low-income Mexico, where labor costs as little as one-tenth as much.

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