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Letter: An antidote to the Iran agreement naysayers

An antidote to the Iran agreement naysayers


We are bombarded by irrelevant assertions opposing the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran. Prominent are that we can’t trust Iran, it does not bar Iran from ever making a nuclear...

Letter: Despite popular belief, WV courts are best in the United States


Joel Ebert’s story in the Gazette-Mail leads me to believe that our judicial system is among the best in the country, not last. Whenever a survey of corporations shows unhappiness with the judicial system, it shows that...

Letter: Medical board overreach keeps medicine from those who need it


I am writing in response to the actions of the State Medical Board. I am very aware of the drug problem in West Virginia. I know we have the highest death rate from drug overdose. I understand their job is to try to keep drugs off ...

Letter: City of Charleston should be ashamed of recycling ‘plan’


I can hardly believe the Charleston City Council and Department of Public Works have decided, in the name of recycling, to add tens of thousands of plastic bags to the environment instead of providing lids for existing bins. It is ...

Letter: Great Kanawha River Cleanup a wonderful event to be part of


On Saturday, September 5, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) sponsored the 26th Annual Great Kanawha River Cleanup. More than 100 eager volunteers...

Letter: WV Archives ‘family’ exceptionally helpful

WV Archives ‘family’ exceptionally helpful


I wonder if there are many states where a student can call up the assistant state archivist and set up a 40-hour practicum with zero fuss? Not only that, but once getting on-...

Letter: Why is Kanawha Schools’ strings program in jeopardy?

Why is Kanawha Schools’ strings program in jeopardy?


My daughter returned to school to discover that her beloved strings program is in jeopardy due to “budget cuts.” I’m unclear if it’s Kanawha...

Letter: Town of Union needs cleaned up

Town of Union needs cleaned up


We have abandoned housing here in the town of Union!

One is called a mattress warehouse, where people put their dirty mattresses off. The place has got junk and weeds all over, and it is in...

Letter: WV lost much with Martin Glasser’s death
Billy Joel said, “Only the good die young,” and while that might not be true all of the time, it certainly was true on August 16.
Letter: Being pro-life should necessarily mean opposing death penalty


The Gazette editorial “Pro-death: Brutal custom”, (July 27) was correct, but failed to go far enough. The same title could have been applied to an editorial about abortion.

I am against abortion except for the...

Letter: Looking down on the homeless ugly, inappropriate, un-Christian


I read with dismay Ellen Allen’s article about the poor folks being depicted in humiliating ways by people who should know better. But, suffice it to be said that there are many (too many, really) who are disposed to cast a ...

Letter: Barbaric, deceitful Planned Parenthood must be stopped

Barbaric, deceitful Planned Parenthood must be stopped


What kind of people can sit and watch videos of executives at Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of baby body parts and not be cut to the heart? Or hear these same people...

Letter: Wyatt demonstrates vicious, shrill, ‘unhinged’ liberal behavior

Wyatt demonstrates vicious, shrill, ‘unhinged’ liberal behavior


It has been said that we should never underestimate how vicious liberals can be. Other descriptive words include shrill and, to quote Ann Coulter,...

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