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Letter: Pick brains over looks for president
The 2016 presidential campaign is well underway even though it’s about a year too early. The name-calling, mudslinging and lying has started.
Letter: Voter turnout in S.C. was disgraceful
There are 10,038 registered voters in South Charleston. In the April 18 primary election, less than 12 percent went to the polls. This is a disgrace.
Letter: Invite pope to W.Va. to see coal’s damage
Please, Bill Rainey do invite the pope to visit West Virginia and let him see the massive destruction caused by mountain top removal strip mining.
Letter: More thoughts on free will
I share the view of Perry Mann that free will (the ability to decide to do this or that) is an illusion (Sunday Gazette-Mail, July 12).
Letter: Wishing Head Start a very happy birthday
This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Head Start, a program designed to ensure children of low-income families have access to a quality, comprehensive early childhood education.
Letter: Sugar can be as addictive as nicotine


Ben Smith’s June 21 article “Bittersweet: Let’s rethink our attitude toward sugar” lays out the harmful effects of sugar consumption. But it omits a crucial piece of information without which many proposed...

Letter: Rubio has a shot at the 2016 GOP primary
My call in the Republican presidential primary in 2016 is U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.
Letter: South Charleston Fire Department saved dog from river misadventure
The South Charleston Fire Department saved my dog’s life on June 17.
Letter: Photos of poor shows lack of humanity
Perhaps some readers have recently peered incredulously at photos of some of our city’s most vulnerable citizens.
Letter: Catholic policy contributes to climate change
Pope Francis is quoted as warning against “industrial pollution, car exhaust and other carbon emissions ... causing a global warmup ... ”
Letter: Readers’ Voice not perfect but can be useful
I would like to respond to a item from the Friday, June 12, Gazette, Readers’ Voice “Give insight, babble.”
Letter: John Nash should be honored by naming Mercer stretch of I-77


My wife and I are Ohio natives who travel through West Virginia often. As we passed through the Mountain State this past week in the aftermath of the tragic death of Nobel laureate and West Virginia native John Nash (and his wife...

Letter: Manchin should educate himself on realities of drug addiction
Editor: Joe Manchin's ignorance of drug addiction is appalling. He needs to attend some Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings to be educated on the subject from people who live with it every day.

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