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Douglas Imbrogno

Assistant Lifestyles Editor
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Imbrogno, Douglas

Taking meat out of Thanksgiving: Vegetarians find menu alternatives


Norman Rockwell forever etched the iconic image of Thanksgiving Day into the American psyche with his painting “Freedom from Want.” Published in 1943 on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, it depicts a ...

“Looking Through Water” about repairing family ties


Robert Rich Jr. is chairman of Rich Products Corporation, the largest family-owned frozen food manufacturer in the U.S., and the 164th richest man in America, according to Forbes’ listing of the richest people in ...

St. Albans dancers head to Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


West Virginia will have more than a few state residents marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The St. Albans Studio of Dance has been invited to make its sixth appearance at the Macy’s Thank...

Video: New Suzuki Academy tunes up students


(On our app? See video here)

It looked as if someone had put a violin into the wash and it shrunk.

But the pint-sized violin sitting at...

Drawing lines between the Mountain State and Slovakia on LGBT life


The state of West Virginia and the country of Slovakia are worlds apart. But in some ways they are closer than you might expect.

It is easier, for instance, in the largest cities of both places to be lesbian, gay,...

Helping artists find time to plumb their creativity


Where do artists, writers, composers and other creatives go to produce their finest work or to crystalize ideas that are just in their infancy?

To the studio, workshop or office, certainly. But a residency in a pla...

Maggie Cook-Garcia jumps from a salsa-making success to life of service


Maggie Cook-Garcia’s life reads like a movie.

That’s good, because a Florida filmmaker is doing just that — making a movie about the life of a 36-year-old woman whose life arc might be rejected...

3,000 pumpkins later, Kenova Pumpkin House comes to life


KENOVA, W.Va. — It all started innocently enough.

Ric Griffith carved five pumpkins ­— one each for his three daughters and one for himself and his wife. He set them ...

Glory days and sporty memories revived at monthly mall meetup (video)


What do you get when you gather more than a dozen former West Virginia sportsmen, stars and coaches around tables in the Town Center Mall food court, not a one of them younger than 75 years old?


Spring Hill Cemetery to come alive with historic figures


If you head up to Spring Hill Cemetery next Sunday, some figures crucial to the history and growth of Charleston will not exactly rise from their graves, but — in a sense — they will be on hand near their g...

Charleston included in national ‘heart-healthy’ seafood push


Go fish.

To be specific, go eat fish and all manner of seafood. That was the message of a new national public health campaign that includes the city of Charleston, announced yesterday at Charleston Town Center with...

Meeting up with the Dalai Lama to talk about the mind


Dr. Hanno Kirk had edited and contributed to a new book, and had an ambitious mission. He wanted to put that book, entitled “Restoring the Brain: Neurofeedback as an Integrative Approach to Health” (CRC Pre...

Grape Escape fundraiser pairs good food and good wine


Fine wines pair with gourmet hors d’oeuvres this Friday as part of Fund for the Arts 8th Annual Grape Escape, which begins with wine and food at the Annex of Taylor Books and The Art Emporium and ends with dessert...

15-year-old local swimmer points his strokes in Olympic direction


At age 15, Majester Abdul-Jalil has a work ethic that has already won him a national award.

“Work hard. That’s basically it. If you want something, you’ve just got to work at it,” said t...

Clay Center announces ambitious museum renewal plans


“Renewal” was the key word at Thursday’s Clay Center Board of Directors meeting as the board voted to approve a new $14 million fund that will be used to upgrade, add and expand a host of features to...

Model training: Puffing toward an unknown future (video)


‘WANTED: Scrap metal to make tanks, guns, ammunition,’ read a common poster tacked up in the early days of World War II.

The war-time scrap metal drives gathered up and melted down not a few metal Lio...

Former students pay musical tribute to a trailblazing teacher


When Ollie Watts Davis made her Carnegie Hall debut in 1990, she made sure there was one very significant person in the New York audience that day.

That person was Eunice B. Fleming, Davis’s choir teacher &#...

Napa Winery with Charleston roots nabs awards


Falcor Winery, just over California’s Mayacamus Mountains in Napa Valley, is an award-winning winery with a pedigree traceable to West Virginia’s capital city, two Charleston attorneys and — of all t...

Capito makes a run for it


Politicians get a lot of media attention when they run for office.

But Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., just got some media attention for running while in office.

Literally, running. The October issue of R...

Brian O. Walden takes over as Marshall’s Director of Bands (video)


HUNTINGTON — If you were to poke colored thumbtacks on a world map into all the countries where retired Navy Captain Brian O. Walden has performed or conducted music, you’...

Longtime Edgewood chef Still dies at 61


Jeremy Still, longtime chef at Edgewood Country Club in Charleston, died Friday at age 61 from complications from pancreatic cancer, according to family members.

Still, who would have marked his 21st year this Sept...

Big Ugly songs are anything but (video)


As Michael Tierney bounded up onto a stage at the Charleston Civic Center he pointed to his T-shirt and uttered a line sure to win titters from the large crowd assembled in front of him,

“If you can’t...

Checking in with a young actress on the rise


Charleston native Meredith Overcash recently learned she has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan. The 16-minute film, titled

Pickleball comes to town (video)


The first thing that should be noted in any story about pickleball is that no actual pickles are involved in the sport.

Well, to be exact, pickles once did have a role, or rather, a beast by that name did.


Indoor cycling studio offers fitness and motivation (video)


The room is in darkness except for a raised platform at front on which sits a cycling machine. On the machine sits Nick Staples, lit by a single track light with a row of bright, yellow-white candles burning along the ed...

Scholarship helps young would-be pilots earn their wings


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Ask Caraline Griffith how long she has dreamed of flying and her answer is short and sweet.

“Just kind of forever,” said the 25-year-old native of Peytona, Boone County.


Loosened laws are making WV a better beer place


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — When it comes to craft beer in West Virginia, my, how times have changed.

When he first came of drinking age, “we actually considered Michelob Dark to be a craft beer,” says...

Huntington Italiano Festival to benefit regional food bank


The streets of Huntington will fill with the tastes, colors, dances and sounds of Italy's heritage and culture as the Italiano Festival takes place on Fourth Avenue between 8th and 10th streets from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug...

UC student’s Mississippi River swim has length and depth


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — University of Charleston student Chris Ring is taking a break from school for a bit of a swim.

Correction: for one heck of a swim.

Ring, 28, is almost one-fourth of the way through ...

For Charleston woman, life is what remains after cancer


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The derecho weather system that plunged vast swaths of West Virginia into powerlessness in June 2012 was also a time when another storm hit Beth Minear’s life.

While staying at a C...

Giardina’s ‘Storming Heaven’ being cast as a musical


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In last Sunday’s Gazette-Mail books page, I interviewed Topper Sherwood about his new novel, “Carla Rising,” which brings to life the drama surrounding the Battle of Blair ...

Novel ‘Carla Rising’ animated by the Battle of Blair Mountain


The Battle of Blair Mountain, in 1921, has been described as the largest armed rebellion in America since the Civil War, a civil insurrection that dwarfs any seen then or since.

It has been nearly a century since a...

Cross Lanes native to model coverings for prosthetic legs


It was a mouthful to pronounce and a huge amount of bad news for a young teenager to absorb.

Metastatic osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. That was the bad-news diagnosis Erin Deegan heard from her doctor in Sept...

Looking at the self through self-portraiture


We live in the “Age of the Selfie,” of a million self-portraits taken daily as people record the passing moments of their lives.

But self-portraiture has had a long and intriguing history in establish...

Photo anthology aims to capture fresh portraits of Appalachia


Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr and a host of other web sites are awash with tens of millions of photographs, not to mention the many snapshots filling up the smart phones of our camera-in-the-pocket generation.


‘The Real’ makes it real


Mark Wolfe never intended to be a podcaster.

He had his hands full with his Mark Wolfe Design business. But some of his friends had other ideas which is why he and his show partner, Steven Adams, are now 14 episode...

Tracing the rise of podcasting


In the beginning, back in the early-to-mid ’90s, it was called “audioblogging.” One of the earliest uses of the term “podcasting” was in

Chickpeas food truck finds a home on Huntington streets


HUNTINGTON — Customers amble up to the Chickpeas food truck, which parks at Heritage Station near the riverfront most Thursdays and Fridays from 4 to 9 p.m.<...

Improv comedy group is making it up as they go along


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — One recent night at Taylor Books, Melissa Ellsworth was trying to describe what she and a group of companions have been doing every Tuesday in the basement of the downtown bookstore and coffee ...

Danny Boyd wraps up “eco-horror” graphic novel series


Danny Boyd had intended to write a trilogy of graphic “eco-horror” novels about a supernatural threat to the world rooted in environmental catastrophe.

E-bike tinkerer’s app lets riders know when the battery’s down


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Chuck Swiger wasn’t actually meaning to join the next wave of the Computer Age. He just wanted to add a cool new feature to his homemade electric bicycle.

But while at work one day...

A father’s life, in bits and pieces


Who was your father?

Maybe your dad is still alive. So, it’s a present-tense question for you.

But my dad died at age 79 a decade ago, on a frigid January day at an assisted-living home in Cincinnati.<...

Ann Magnuson creates a mix of rural and surreal


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Throughout her career as a singer, actress, performance artist and writer, Ann Magnuson has been attracted to art that combines surrealism with rural themes.

Then, one day, the word poppe...

Onetime captive behind Iron Curtain grows his dream in WV


LEON, W.Va. — If Noah had beached his ark on a certain hilltop in Mason County, it might explain the bounty of animals found there.

A host of roosters crow seemingly every ...

New Create West Virginia director hopes to expand reach


At age 26, Brittany Means has stepped into a big role and also, inadvertently, into the middle of a discussion about keeping young creatives in West Virginia.

Means ...