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bill's best 80s

The pandemic isn’t quite over, but with restrictions easing we’re seeing the gradual return of live music. We’ve got a Mountain Stage show this weekend in Huntington, Symphony Sunday is back in June and you can even find local bands playing in area bars.

After a year spent watching seemingly endless episodes of “Survivor” and wondering whether this will be the season we get to see the cast of opticians, satellite television customer service representatives and former NBA superstars turn to cannibalism, we can finally find entertainment outside of our homes again.

The problem is we’re all a little out of practice, and maybe don’t know what’s worth going to see.

Off the top of my head, I could name a half-dozen bands you probably should see. Charleston doesn’t lack for talent, and before the pandemic you could find live, original music pretty much every night of the week somewhere.

But original isn’t everything.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good tribute band, and the best ’80s rock tribute band around is Hair Supply.

Fronted by 20-something Logan Banner reporter turned shrieking vocalist Dylan Vidovich and backed by Jeff Rakes and Johnny Compton on twin-lead guitars, Hair Supply also features bassist and Coal River News Editor Phil Perry and drummer and food truck operator Joey Simonton (Joey’s Rockin’ Dogs and Tacos).

The five-man ensemble is an ’80s rock radio party.

To be sure, a lot of ’80s music is dumber than a bag of hammers. Every time I listen to a Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive,” for example, I feel like I come away having lost a few words out of my vocabulary.

Thanks to routine listening to the “ ’80s at 8” channel on Sirius XM, I can no longer complete a crossword puzzle. I’m strictly a word search guy now. It’s tragic.

But brains aren’t everything. Smart music doesn’t always mean fun music.

What ’80s rock sometimes lacks in I.Q., it can make up for in waves of unfettered, fist-pumping joy. Sure, it can sound like the soundtrack to a beer commercial (odds are, it was facilitated by a few beers), but sometimes all you’re looking for is for someone to point you in the direction of the party.

Hair Supply sifts through the anthemic hits of the 1980s, chooses only the very best and belts these songs out with energy, swagger and honesty.

To quote the five people credited with writing Poison’s hit single, “Ain’t looking for nothin’ but a good time, and it don’t get better than this.”

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