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This weekend we get to celebrate two of the most important, but lesser known, holidays around — Mother’s Day and Free Comic Book Day.

Mother’s Day is that one day of the year we set aside to honor and celebrate mothers because, as a people, we’re fairly lame. Seriously, moms only get one day?

Mother’s Day is barely a national observance. Nobody gets the day off, particularly mothers, and the traditional celebratory gifts aren’t that great — flowers, cards, candy and undercooked/overcooked breakfast often prepared by underage cooks who have not taken the health department’s food handler class.

About the best a mom can hope for on Mother’s Day is brunch at a nice restaurant, which only goes so far because breastfeeding while drinking a Bloody Mary is generally frowned upon.

Comic Book Day is the easier of the holidays.

Across the country, local independent comic shops, the traditional gathering places of the socially awkward, will be giving away special editions of some of their best titles and the occasional geegaw.

One year, shops gave out plastic Green Lantern rings. That was cool.

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The free delights on Comic Book Day are usually a mix of rewards for fans and introductory samples for curious children.

I grew up reading comic books and got my first pulpy issue when I was 6 years old. It was part of a ransom paid to a mob of kindergarteners who were harassing a family moving out of the neighborhood.

We were getting under foot, making nuisances of ourselves. Eventually, somebody dropped a cardboard box of assorted junk in the front yard, told us to pick something and go. I chose a torn Captain America comic book and the rest is history.

Comics helped me find friends and helped encourage an interest in stories and reading. They were a gateway into a larger literary world that grew from super soldiers with indestructible shields to hobbits with magic rings, vampire hunters with wooden stakes and eventually the relentless trauma in a Cormac McCarthy novel.

Comic books also became a lifelong pleasure — and somehow weirdly fashionable.

I can think of worse things you can do than give a kid a couple of free comic books. I can think of worse things you can do than accept a couple of free comic books for yourself.

The beauty of Comic Book Day (at least, this year) is that it takes place this Saturday, which gives you an excuse to get the kiddos out of your wife’s hair, take them to pick out comic books for themselves (get one for you, too, maybe) and then swing by the florist, the bakery, the candy shop or the jewelry store to pick up something for the Wonder Woman in your lives.

Bill Lynch covers entertainment. He can be reached at 304-348-5195 or Follow @lostHwys on Twitter and @billiscap on Instagram.

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