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bill's best view

I don’t have much love for heights, but I do love a good view. I’m always looking for a better one of Charleston.

My current best view of the city is from Mountain View Memorial Park, which sometimes gets confused as being part of Spring Hill Cemetery.

Spring Hill Cemetery has a pretty great view, too, but the place I’m thinking of is just a little over the hill from the old Confederate Cemetery (yes, we have a Confederate Cemetery), which puts it in Mountain View’s territory.

That might not seem to make much of a difference, but I mentioned the view once before and caught some grief over not having the correct property. I’m sorry about that. I hope this makes that earlier mistake right.

There are some other pretty great views of Charleston. The Carriage Trail is one of the best known — and a hike in January to see the city blanketed in snow can almost make you forget that it’s two degrees and you’ve lost all feeling in your thumbs.

I’ve also risked the wonky elevator at the Union Building to look at Charleston from the roof. I didn’t get that close to the edge.

The view from the condos across from Appalachian Power Park isn’t bad, either. I’ve watched a couple of amazing Sunday night sunsets from that roof, and also witnessed idiots on crotch rocket motorcycles pop wheelies and race on the interstate.

I’ve looked out from a window high up in the BB&T building. That’s the building with the statue of the “Magic Mike” wannabes out front doing some kind of river dance.

Friends used to call that building “The Death Star.” I never called it that. BB&T, now Truist Bank, cut me some slack on a couple of overdraft fees and didn’t stick it to me when some supervillain in the Midwest got hold of my debit card numbers and apparently tried to buy an entire Walmart one Saturday.

They didn’t get that far, obviously, but I appreciate the bank said I didn’t have to pay for someone else’s party, complete with pinatas, tiki torches and an inflatable aboveground swimming pool filled with Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas.

What I remember about my trip to that particular office was that we didn’t go all the way to the top floor. I guess our problem wasn’t that serious.

I don’t even know who has the top floor of that place — maybe Matlock or Bruce Wayne.

Part of me believes the view from the top of that building, one of the tallest in Charleston, would be the best, but I would need some kind of serious incentive to go see it. And probably a rope tied to a wall.

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