We are all sitting at home and working on our To Be Read pile of books. This month, we thought we would spotlight some of the online book resources, just in case you’ve read through your pile. We are also going to recommend a couple of books you might want to download.

In the midst of all your social distancing, you might find time to celebrate Women’s History Month, which runs through March 31. Maybe you’ll be inspired by the tales of women who made history — and helped the world — in some of the most challenging times imaginable.

We put the call out to staff, “What is the best thing you read this year?” Since we work in a library, we got lots of great responses. Some were titles you have heard about recently, like “Before We Were Yours,” “Blue Moon,” “Where the Crawdads Sing” and “Giver of Stars.” Some reached back i…

Snuggle up with a great book during these chilly winter days. Our list today ranges from novels to picture books that will warm your heart and soul. Make some hot cocoa grab and one of these wonderful books.

HUNTINGTON — The Cabell County Library and its affiliates are joining large library systems across the country in suspending purchases of all electronic versions of Macmillan Publishers' new releases, in a protest against the publishing house's planned restrictions on library sales.

“Betsy Blossom Brown” is a beautifully written coming of age story by West Virginia author Kathleen M. Jacobs. In the book we follow the life of the title character as she learns to live with and come to terms with all the things good and bad that life throws her way.

“The Making of a Field Hippie” is a new memoir from Joe Mirenna. If his name rings a bell, he plays banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle and hammered dulcimer and was a member of the Booger Hole Revival string band in the mid-1970s. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist was also an artist-in-resi…

The nights are getting dark a bit faster. The leaves are rustling ominously. Now you just need a book that will match the eerie atmosphere of an autumn evening.

In a crowded publishing world, writers work hard to be heard above the fray. The KCPL Book Team turns this month to first-time authors. These eight authors write in different styles and for different audiences, but each deserves to find their readers.