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WV Book Team: New book releases to check out in the New Year

Even as the new year approached, publishers were working on their 2019 new releases. Which ones do you need for your “To Be Read” pile? Here are some great new titles for your stack.

Emma Rous grabs ahold of fans of the Gothic family genre with “The Au Pair” and doesn’t let the readers go. After the death of her father, Seraphine has returned to her family estate in Norfolk. As she sifts through things at the house, she finds a photo that upends everything she knows about her family and her mother’s death. It must have been taken shortly before her mother threw herself from a cliff, shortly after Seraphine’s birth. The photo shows her father, older brother, and her smiling mother holding one baby, but Seraphine is a twin.

As she looks for answers, she finds more mysteries — and her older brother’s au pair, Laura, who left when her mother died. Readers will unravel this web as they learn more from Seraphine and Laura, but does it all add up? Find out on Jan. 8, the release date.

In 1983, Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Jonah Sheens was just starting his career when Aurora Jackson disappeared. Seven teens had gone into the woods, but only six came out. Sheens hadn’t been able to get far with the six, who had been drinking and doing drugs at the time. Aurora became a cold case.

Now, 30 years later, her body has been found at their camp site. Gytha Lodge’s “She Lies in Wait” takes readers back to that night and also looks at the six, who are now 40 and yet unable to move on from that horrible night. This first entry in a new mystery series will have you looking for DCI Sheens’ next case. Check it out on its release date, Jan. 8.

Her dreams of a happy marriage, children, and a promising career are evaporating fast. Just down the street her neighbor has it all. Her acting career is breaking out, she is married to a screenwriter, has three kids and live-in help to manage it all.

In “Looker” by Laura Sims, our unnamed protagonist becomes obsessed with the neighbor living her best life. As she stares into their windows, where is the line between observing and breaking the law? Will our protagonist cross it? Watch for it on the release date, Jan. 8.

Riversend is a dying Australian town. The drought and economic downturn would be enough, but the final nail in the coffin might have been when the local priest shot five parishioners, only to be shot dead by the constable.

Journalist Martin Scarsden has been sent to write the follow-up story. It shouldn’t be hard. After all, the priest’s crimes had been exposed after the killings.

In Chris Hammer’s “Scrublands,” Scarsden discovers that perhaps, only the surface of the events have been uncovered — and then two more bodies are found. A crime drama for fans of Robert Crais and James Lee Burke. Solve the mystery on Jan. 8, as it’s released to the library.

Ninety-six-year old Doris has chronicled all of her friendships in “The Red Address Book” given to her by her father as a child. As she pages through, she can see crossed out entries for those who are gone and how they impacted her life. However, she still has her Skype sessions with her grandniece Jenny in America to look forward to these days.

As she begins to write her life story based on the address book, will Doris be able to help Jenny as well? Sofia Lundberg’s novel will appeal to fans of “A Man Called Ove.” Check it out on its release date, Jan. 8.

Cara Hargrave loves nothing more than to lose herself in the items she sees as the assistant to an antique dealer. Opening an old cookie tin, she discovers the wartime diary of Louise Keene and finds herself pulled into the mystery of what happened to Louise and her love, Flight Lieutenant Paul Bolton. In “The Light Over London,” Julia Kelly alternates the two women.

Louise leaves the comfort of home when Paul is deployed. She becomes a gunner girl, whose calculations help the anti-aircraft guns hold the Germans at bay. However, what will she do when Paul stops answering her letters?

Even though Cara is over relationships, she needs the help of her neighbor Liam, a historian, to find out what happened after the diaries stop. Readers will get caught up in the stories of both women. Find out what happens Jan. 8 when the book is released.

In 2014, Rosella Postorino read an interview by Margot Wolk, the last living food taster for Adolf Hitler. Postorino wondered what that life would be like: to have certain privileges but to know three times a day you might be poisoned.

“At the Wolf’s Table” tells the story of the fictional Rosa Sauer from Berlin living with her in-laws near Hitler’s Wolfsschanze headquarters. As her husband serves in the army, Rosa is conscripted with 10 other women to taste Hitler’s food. They ride the bus there, taste the food and wait an excruciating hour.

Postorino explores Rosa’s emotional turmoil over her duties, her missing husband, and her longings for a child. Is she a victim or a collaborator? Who has she become? Decide when the book is released on Jan. 29.

Twelve-year-old Martha “Sonny” Creech is the one child who shares her father’s love of the land. She helps him tend their cotton farm in 1950s North Carolina. In Donna Everhart’s “The Forgiving Kind,” her world is shattered and her family’s fortunes are in jeopardy after her father’s tragic death.

To save the farm, Sonny’s mother makes an arrangement with a neighbor, Frank Fowler, but Sonny and her friend, Daniel, don’t trust Fowler’s intentions. Everhart has written a bittersweet coming of age novel. Find out more on the release date, Jan. 29.

Raina Anand’s grandmother has always been on her side when Raina wanted to move outside of traditional Indian women’s roles. In “The Matchmaker’s List” by Sonya Lalli, she learns that her beloved Nani isn’t as flexible about marriage. Nani’s handpicked dates present challenges to their relationship.

Raina may not be happily single at 29, but is this the answer? Raina struggles to find a way to be true to herself, but a misunderstanding threatens to damage her relationship with Nani, even if it stops the matchmaking. Lali’s tale of family struggles and family ties will resonate with readers. Delve into the novel on Feb. 5, when it is released.

For more suggestions of new books being released in 2019, ask our staff at the Kanawha County Public Library and we’ll help you find a new book to add to your “To Be Read” stack.

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