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Country singer performs Saturday at V Club


Country singer/songwriter Sunny Sweeney returns to West Virginia after only a month away. She was in Charleston in mid-December for her annual Christmas tour.

It doesn’t just seem like country singer Sunny Sweeney was just here. She was.

The singer/songwriter, best known for a string of hits like “From a Table Away,” “Staying’s Worse Than Leaving” and “Drink Myself Single,” was at the Boulevard Tavern in Charleston for her “Dysfunctional Family Christmas Tour” December 14.

Saturday night, she’s at the V Club in Huntington.

Sweeney laughed about it and said, “We kind of play all the time. We just got back and we’re in Tennessee today, but I honestly don’t remember where we just were — Ohio, maybe?”

The singer said touring was kind of a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, most working musicians have to tour and play shows to make a living. Recording, typically, doesn’t generate that much of an income.

“And all the private parties are gone,” she said. “Entertainment is the first thing they cut from the budget.”

Even artists with a couple of hits have to get out on the road.

“But I really enjoy this,” she said. “That’s the blessing part. I enjoy my job.”

And Sweeney has a lot of friends on the road. During the Dysfunctional Family Christmas Tour, she met up with musical friends at tour stops, shared the stage with them and then got to spend some time just hanging out.

“It’s a nice thing to be able to hang out with some friends that I never get to see,” she said. “That’s really why I started doing those tours. It just turned into something cool and I love it.”

After the tour, Sweeney said she had almost a week off before she went back out on the road.

“We just don’t take much extended time off,” the singer said. “People ask us when the next tour is. I tell them, ‘Uh, now or next week.’”

Still, Sweeney expected to take some time off during 2020. While the year ahead promised many more shows, she said she was working on new material for her fifth album.

“We’re in the process of making a new record,” she said. “I don’t have any dates on it, but basically, what we’re doing is more of the same.”

The road goes ever on, meanwhile, not that she’s complaining — much.

“About the only thing I miss when I’m on the road is yoga,” Sweeney said. “I love yoga but finding a studio on the road is a hassle. You have to kind of locate a good place, get a membership for the day. It’s almost never worth it.”

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