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Horror fans soak up film celebrities at FearFestWV

PIPESTEM — Fans of all things horror gathered at Pipestem Event Center on Saturday to visit the first-ever FearFestWV.

“It’s important to bring something like this to this area. There are fans of all ages here from age five to 75. There’s something here for everyone at every age,” event hostess and personality, Coen Beck, also known as Coen the Butcher, said.

At the event, guests enjoyed vendors specializing in horror merchandise, live music of the metal genre and big-name horror actors. With VIP tickets, guests could meet and speak one on one with their favorite big-screen menaces.

Musical appearances providing the atmosphere to the event included Mushroom Head, September Mourning, Unsaid Fate, Dose Official and more.

Actors present included Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman and Tony Moran. Moseley’s accreditations include performing in “The Devil’s Rejects,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “House of 1000 Corpses.” Berryman can be recognized from “The Hills Have Eyes,” “The Devil’s Rejects” and “Penny Dreadful.” Moran is known for his iconic role of Michael Myers in “Halloween.”

“This makes a living for me and my family. It means death for a lot of people but living for me,” Moseley said of the horror film business, “It’s a lot of fun to do.”

With character performances such as Otis B. Driftwood and Chop-Top Sawyer, Moseley is an established name in the horror business, with upwards of 33 years of acting experience. Along with being his profession, Moseley also enjoys bringing entertainment to his fans.

“This is a popular form of entertainment. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t instigate violence,” Moseley said.

Within the horror genre, “society lets out tension and professional actors get the opportunity to grow in the process,” Moseley said. With the film genre amassing massive amounts of fans across the globe, events such as these pull in supporters from various areas.

“Events like this shows that there’s a lot of horror fans in the area. Everyone gets together and has a good time,” Moseley said.

The man under the mask, Tony Moran, slew the big screen role of Michael Myers and haunted the dreams of fans across the world. Along with enjoying his craft as an actor, he also enjoys providing a place for those with nowhere else to go.

“This means a lot to me in the sense that people that were growing up and that weren’t accepted, this gives them a home,” Moran said.

Starting in the horror business somewhat lackadaisically, Moran quickly crafted his menacing character into a classic role. Performing in his emblematic mask and jumpsuit, Moran’s role will forever terrify and thrill “Halloween” fans.

Of the FearFestWV event, Moran said the setting was, “comfortable and relaxed,” for he, and fellow actors, to enjoy time with the fans.

Roanoke, Virginia area artist, Rob Wilson, of Sad Wilson Art, offered guests horror-themed art, with a twist, to take home. Wilson’s artwork showcases iconic horror characters in bright pop art tones. In his pieces, Wilson has hand-painted a Frankenstein with hot pink accents, the Bride of Frankenstein in neon yellow and more.

“Horror images are typically seen in such dark tones I try to give them bright colors,” Wilson said. The striking pieces are handcrafted with acrylics and spray paint.

Other pieces of Wilson’s work include Freddy Kreuger, Leather Face and Godzilla. The iconic characters coupled with the unique pop art color scheme provided patrons a unique piece of artwork.

“This brings people to the community and gives people a chance to view the beauty and sights around West Virginia,” Wilson said.

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