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bagel shop

Rock City Cake Co. owners Cortney Marsh (left) and Morgan Morrison are opening a new bagel shop at the corner of Capitol and Lee streets in Charleston. The Golden Bagel Co. is set to open by January 2021.

This kind of inspiration would make even Sophia proud.

It struck Morgan Morrison, the co-owner of Rock City Cake Co., in the middle of the night on Aug. 15 while making cupcakes. That’s when she decided it was time to begin pursuing a bagel business. The ideal location was discovered a few hours later, at the corner of Capitol and Lee streets, during a grocery store run. Before the next evening, she’d already toured the facility and signed a lease.

The ball was rolling fast toward the creation of the Golden Bagel Co. And the “Golden” part of the name applies to the iconic television show “The Golden Girls” as much as it does the color of a perfect bagel.

“There’s always been a huge demand for bagels downtown,” Morrison, 25, said Wednesday. “Since Rock City opened, people have been asking us for bagels.”

Morrison and company are targeting early January to have the 1,600-square-foot facility, at 247 Capitol St., up and running. That means lots of painting, some wallpapering and extending a wall or two to accommodate equipment.

When it’s all done, she said, it should create about six to 10 new jobs in the form of a staff that will make bagels and man a full-service coffee bar.

“Downtown Charleston is a hub for local business. This new venture will only continue to drive people downtown and spur our local economy,” Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin said. “Morgan Morrison and [co-owner] Cortney Marsh have done a tremendous job with Rock City Cake Co. It is truly a staple of our downtown. We look forward to the opening of The Golden Bagel Co. in early 2021.”

And, of course, there will be an array of cheesecakes offered. After all, what’s a “Golden Girls”-themed business without their go-to dessert?

“Personally, I have a huge ‘Golden Girls’ obsession,” Morrison said, “so we decided to put a fun little twist on it.”

That much is evident in the Betty White tattoo that Morrison was able to show Rose herself during a webcam chat on the late-night TV show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Likewise, it’s evident that she’s betting on Charleston to help the new venture gain momentum, just as it did when she moved Rock City from its original location to the capital four years ago.

“Honestly, I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Morrison said. “That’s always kind of been our style. We kind of wing it and hope for the best. I feel Charleston is a very supportive community and backs us up with whatever we do. So I’m putting my faith into Charleston that they’re going to come through for us.”