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A student still living at West Virginia University’s Evansdale Residential Complex, commonly called Towers, tested positive for COVID-19, WVU has announced.

WVU spokesman John Bolt wrote in an email Monday that the student remained at the school for spring break and hasn’t left Morgantown.

Other residents of the Morgantown dormitory must remain in quarantine until they’re tested and the results are known, and meal deliveries will be arranged for them, a Sunday night WVU news release said.

The release said the testing of all residents, as well as employees who’ve been working there recently, was to start Monday morning. But Bolt didn’t say Monday whether any additional positive results had been returned.

WVU told students not to return to campus from the spring break that began in mid-March. The school has shifted almost all instruction online across the WVU System campuses for the rest of the spring and summer semesters. Most buildings are shuttered.

Bolt wrote in an email late Monday afternoon that fewer than 50 students currently live in Towers.

“As is our regular procedure, when there is any break for which we close residence halls, e.g. spring break, winter break, fall break, we have a process that those students who are not leaving can apply to stay in a residence hall during the break,” Bolt wrote. “When we advised students not to return from spring break, we continued that process for those who for whatever reason either did not have a place they could stay, or being on campus was the safest alternative.”

The school said the Evansdale Café, all community restrooms and gathering areas in the dorm have undergone or are undergoing a “deep cleaning” that started Sunday.

WVU said it heard about the positive case Sunday afternoon from the Monongalia County Health Department.

The university announced Wednesday that 14 students tested positive for COVID-19. But, while it said investigation of those cases was continuing, it said the students were believed to have “returned to private, off-campus residences upon returning to Morgantown.”

The school didn’t say, despite inquiries from the Gazette-Mail, what off-campus residences they returned to.

Bolt wrote that the cases weren’t connected.

He also newly revealed Monday that the previously announced 14 infected students haven’t had to be hospitalized.

He wrote that they “returned to Morgantown from spring break, however while we don’t have the precise information about where they were during break, we are able to say that they were not all at the same destination and were never on campus after their return.”

WVU has said that if you’re feeling sick, call first before seeking medical care.

It said students with health questions or concerns should call WVU Medicine Student Health at 304-285-7200. There’s also the 24/7 West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources hotline at 1-800-887-4304 and WVU Medicine Urgent Care is also offering free video visits.