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Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations and reopen embassies after years of tensions. The two countries released a joint communique on Friday about the deal that was negotiated with China. The development represents a diplomatic achievement for Beijing amid its ceremonial National People’s Congress this week. Shortly after the Iranian announcement, Saudi state media began publishing the same statement. Tensions have been running high between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The kingdom broke off ties with Iran in 2016 after protesters invaded Saudi diplomatic posts there. Saudi Arabia had executed a prominent Shiite cleric days earlier, triggering the demonstrations.

A bill to prohibit minors from getting married in West Virginia has been resurrected a day after its defeat in a Senate committee. The about-face doesn’t necessarily give the bill a clear path to passage. Several senators gave impassioned speeches after the bill was brought back, some of whom defended the right of teenagers in love to marry. After a Senate Committee rejected the bill Wednesday, it was brought back to the Senate floor and will be up for passage Friday. Currently, children can marry as young as 16 in West Virginia with parental consent. Seven states have set the minimum age for marriage at 18.