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Casey Horton (D)


Education: Kempsville

Occupation: Business owner/operator

Gazette Opinion:

Q: What would you do to ensure that West Virginia protects communities from adverse environmental and public health impacts of the rising natural gas industry?

A: Promote environmentally responsible legislation.

Q: What legislation would you push to diversify West Virginia’s economy?

A: Legislation that encourages investment and development of renewable energy, legislation that encourages emerging technology to focus on affordable housing, healthy affordable food and clean water, legalize cannabis, continue to promote tourism, preserve the wonderful wilderness of West Virginia.

Q: How should West Virginia fund PEIA?

A: Make serious efforts toward ending waste fraud and abuse. Legalize cannabis, dedicate revenue from natural gas extraction, force billionaires to pay their taxes.

Daily Mail Opinion:

Q: Do you support the current practice of “civil asset forfeiture,” whereby state law enforcement can seize property from citizens even if they are never charged with a crime?

A: I am 100 percent against civil asset forfeiture. It is theft.

Q: Should West Virginia join the 43 other states that allow students to attend public charter schools?

A: I would defer to education experts on this issues.

Q: Should the severance tax on natural gas (currently at 5 percent) be raised, lowered or kept the same?

A: Raised.