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In case you are unaware, the coronavirus is rapidly spreading all over the globe. As a result, many locations are now under quarantine, which means that it is advised to avoid leaving your home unless absolutely necessary, and to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

At the moment, all schools in West Virginia are closed, and it is unknown when we will return. With this sudden free time, many students are bored out of their minds. Don’t worry; FlipSide to the rescue! Here are 20 things to occupy your quarantine time!

1.) Start a New Netflix show. Many Netflix shows are definitely binge-worthy, so why not take this opportunity to start some new ones?

2.) Play iMessage games/group games with friends. Who doesn’t love some friendly competition from time to time?

3.) Video chat with friends or family. You may not be able to speak to them face-to-face, but video chats work perfectly fine, especially for long-distance conversations.

4.) Catch up on your schoolwork. I’m sure that’s the last thing you want to do, but you’ll have to do it eventually. Why not now?

5.) Read a new book. There’s so much out there to read. Even if you don’t usually enjoy reading, give it a try. I mean, there’s not much else to do. I suggest Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and this FlipSide publication!

6.) Listen to new music. While you’re stuck at home, check out some new music and artists. I suggest Conan Gray’s brand new album, “Kid Krow.” Check out Maddison Lowery’s recent articles for some more music suggestions.

7.) Test out some D.I.Y.’s. Being stuck in quarantine is the perfect time to sharpen your art skills!

8.) Play online games and escape rooms. You might as well sharpen your brain while you’re at it.

9.) Learn TikTok dances. TikTok dances are a huge trend right now. Take this time to get some physical activity in, and have fun doing it. It’s free, fun and trendy!

10.) Watch movies. Any movie will do, but Disney movies are always a classic. No Disney+? No problem! DVD’s or online routes are always great options.

11.) Write. Write scripts, essays, short stories, novels, anything! Be as creative as you want!

12.) Self-care. Face masks, nail polish, bath bombs or even just a nice, relaxing shower is always welcome. Just take time to treat yourself and relax.

13.) Cook. Try new recipes, cook your favorite meals or bake some sweet treats!

14.) Play on CoolMathGames. An oldie, but a goodie. Cool Math is always there to entertain.

15.) Have a dance party by yourself. Who says you need other people to party? Blast your favorite songs, and have fun in your room!

16.) Play board games. This classic is sure to entertain.

17.) Try new hairstyles or makeup looks. Now is the perfect time to practice and experiment with new looks.

18.) Organize. Tons of time at home? Perfect time to organize and declutter everything.

19.) Pick up new hobbies. Always wanted to take up knitting? Now’s the perfect time!

20.) Stay healthy. I know how cliche it sounds, but it’s true. After all, that’s the reason that we’re in quarantine in the first place. Wash your hands for 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing, clean your hands after touching any surfaces, and avoid unnecessary contact with people. Stay healthy, FlipSiders!