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St. Patrick’s Day: teens’ most forgotten holiday. Every March 17, teens are left out of the day’s normal celebrations of clubbing, partying and a variety of other celebrations that all sit behind an age wall due to the inclusion of alcohol. The green of this holiday shouldn’t be the green of envy, so FlipSide has a few celebrations to consider for St. Patrick’s Day for teenagers to still be included in the day with festivities of their own.

Wear greenThis is a key element of the holiday. It’s the color of all things associated with the day and an essential part of the tradition of St. Patrick’s day. If green isn’t your color or your closet is lacking in greenery and you’re in a pinch to not be pinched, throw on some green socks or a green scrunchie for some St. Patty’s Day flair.

The hat gameFor this classic game, you will need a St. Patrick’s Day hat, a TV or computer, and a mint milkshake. The hats are often sold at dollar stores, Walmart or can be ordered from Amazon in plenty of time for the holiday. For the shakes, McDonald’s signature seasonal Shamrock Shake or an Andes Mint milkshake from Arby’s are a tasty solution for this game piece. Next, place the hat on the corner of either a computer or TV screen. Choose a TV show or movie (some St. Patty’s Day ones will be included below). As you are watching, every time a character “wears” the hat, that is someone’s head is underneath the hat on the screen, take a sip of the shake. This scrumptious St. Patrick’s Day game is a great addition to make the day fun and enjoyable.

Festive filmsWhether it’s a part of the game above or just to sit and relax, watching a movie on St. Patrick’s Day involving some aspect of the holiday is a simple way to spend the day. The movie franchise Leprechaun is a way to add a spooky twist to the minty holiday. These horror films feature a leprechaun on a murder spree for his missing pot of gold.

For a more realistic film, “P.S. I Love You” could be the right choice. This romantic film takes place in Ireland and follows a widow in grief as she receives and follows messages left by her late Irish husband.

With these three additions, St. Patrick’s Day can be as fun to celebrate as the rest of the holidays. Treat the day as a four leaf clover and look forward to it each year by having these fun celebrations as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of March.