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This past year has been full of creative project releases, but one musical artist has been cranking quality projects out. Taylor Swift has released three albums in the past two years and has another one on the way. Artists can spend years crafting one album to perfection before release. One concern with multiple albums in such a short period of time is quality control. While some artists may struggle to give quality and quantity, Taylor Swift shows great skill in this area.

Swift’s two recent surprise albums were both critically acclaimed and loved by fans. She showed that not only can she go from country to pop, but she can go from pop to alternative. Her musical talents can transfer from genre to genre with ease and grace. These albums solidified her abilities. The surprise albums “folklore” and “evermore” are sister albums as told by the singer. These albums focus on storytelling and plot lines.

One prime example of Swift’s amazing storytelling is in the “folklore” album where she has three songs that set up a love triangle: “betty,” “august” and “cardigan.” “Cardigan” is from the perspective of Betty who has been cheated on by James. In her perspective, she reminisces over the time she spent with him and all that has happened. Betty is from the perspective of James telling Betty that it was all a mistake and that he would take it back if he could. This carefully crafted two-way conversation of teenage heartbreak would be enough for most, but Swift added another perspective: the girl who James cheated on Betty with. While the girl is not named, the song “august” is told from her perspective. This brilliant tale of love, betrayal, hope and lost chances shows that Swift is one of the foremost songwriters of our generation.

Currently Swift is working on a project that has some aspects of new, but really is about reclaiming her former albums. Swift’s discography under her former record label was sold (according to her, without her knowledge) leaving her with no rights to it. Due to contract obligations, she had to wait a certain amount of time to rerecord the albums. By rerecording the albums, she can own her body of work.

She recently announced that her rerecorded album “Fearless” will be coming soon. Fans decoded an old-school Taylor message in which she capitalized the letters to spell out “April ninth” — the date many believe to be the release date. In addition to the announcement, she released “Love Story (Taylor’s Version),” which is from the album “Fearless.” On the new recording of the album, six new songs will also be featured. These songs were left out of the album originally, but will be put on this version as Swift feels it adds more context to her situation at the time of writing the album. The new songs will be eligible for awards such as the Grammys. With this just being the first of the recordings, it is unclear if she will add “vault songs” to the rest of the albums as she rerecords.

Swift has shown that her work ethic is untouched by many, and she continues to work on multiple projects. It will be exciting to see what Swift has in store for her future.

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