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With Halloween coming up in the next few weeks, spooky traditions are beginning to rise from the graves. Parties are being planned, costumes are being made and movies are being played.

But, with so many Halloween movies out there, which are the best to watch? FlipSide has got you covered. Here’s a list of some spooky, but not scary, Halloween movies for all ages for a spectacular Halloween season, as well as some new films to spice up your list of classics.

“Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular”

With this animated film for all ages, you will find a goofy movie about a young girl’s first trick-or-treat. Her older cousin, who is being forced to babysit her on this Halloween, decides to try to scare her while she is out and takes her to a creepy abandoned house. While there, he makes up stories, getting her to go into the basement of the house to scare her.

Hearing the young girl cry as she got locked in, the ginger Scary Godmother herself appears and takes her under her wing and onto her broom. She flies her into her realm, The Fright Side, where they throw the greatest Halloween party with a variety of spooky monsters that the young girl learns aren’t too scary.

While this is a movie for all ages, it is geared more for younger kids with lessons of acceptance and overcoming fears with a great Halloween theme.

“Hotel Transylvania”

While this movie is not technically a “Halloween” movie per se, its characters are all monsters from classic Halloween stories and make a great, fun movie to watch with the whole family this Halloween. This animated film takes place in a large hotel in Transylvania run by Count Dracula himself. Guests in this hotel are all monsters, ghouls and other Halloween creatures including the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy and many more. All goes well, until one day a human arrives at the hotel and Dracula’s daughter finds him interesting, helping him pretend to be a monster to keep off of the radar as something different.

This lighthearted movie about goofy monsters is a great family movie to have a comical, enjoyable Halloween night.


While this movie is animated like the above, it is creepy beyond compare. With a stop-motion style, the characters themselves even have a creepy edge to them. In this movie, a young girl name Coraline moves into a large, old house with peculiar neighbors with her two bland parents.

As her parents don’t fuel her desire to explore and her hyper attitude, Coraline gets curious and searches the house, finding a little door in her bedroom that is sealed shut. After bugging her mom for a while, she finally gets the key and unseals and unlocks the door, finding a brick wall behind it. However, upon going to sleep that night, the door shines and reveals a tunnel to somewhere else. Going through, Coraline finds a house almost the exact same as hers, but much more fun and with her parents who have button eyes. Coraline begins to go back every night to the better realm, but then things begin to change and get darker.

This creepy movie about not taking things for granted and overcoming adversities would be a great way to add some unsettling flare to your perfect All Hallows’ Eve without being too scared to sleep that night.


Moving on from fun, animated adventures, this next movie is a great Disney channel original featuring two twins separated at birth adopted into two families with two polar opposite lifestyles.

After reuniting on their 21st birthday, the twins meet two people from another realm who tell them their real story, about their powers and about the realm in danger where their birth mother resides. Discovering this new information, these newly reunited witches must join together to help save their home realm, facing challenges of The Darkness invading and harming both of their worlds, and their own personal obstacles.

This Disney original movie about family and finding yourself is a great teen flick for a Halloween slumber party.

“Hocus Pocus”

“Hocus Pocus” is one of the great Halloween classics without all the jump scares and gore. Following parallel story lines of old witches from a long time ago; a cursed boy turned cat; and an older brother forced to trick or treat with his younger sister, who then awakens an old curse, this film is packed with great scenes, events and characters. These characters all convene to launch into a chase and escape story line filled with witches, trick-or-treaters, comedy, love and loss.

This film is great for all ages, but geared more toward preteens and older. It’s perfect for Halloween parties, family gatherings or just fun Halloween personal time.

“The Craft”

Now at the end of the list, the scariest movie of the night, “The Craft,” is a great way to add a little more fear into your Halloween marathon. While it is the scariest on this list, it was also released in 1996, making it only ’90s scary.

This movie follows the story of a new girl in town who recently moved due to a troubled past. At her new school, she meets three girls of an equally troubling past with witch-like powers and then discovers her own. These girls become fast friends and begin to preform rituals with their greater power. However, after a few rituals gone very right, some of the girls become power hungry and begin to turn on each other, leading to darker and darker events.

This great movie about witchcraft, friendship, betrayal and power, however, would be more suitable for teens and older kids, and not recommended for the younger kids of the family.

These six marvelous movies are a great way to spice up any list of regular, traditional Halloween movies. Perfect for Halloween get-togethers, a quick film after trick-or-treating, or just wanting to watch interesting movies to get in the Halloween spirit. These films are great additions to any Halloween traditions for teenagers and their families. Happy Halloween and happy viewing.