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As we all know, Halloween is going to look a little different this year (thanks, COVID-19). Face masks will probably be required for trick-or-treating, and the parties will most likely be cancelled.

These measures may ruin some of the fun, but they are absolutely necessary in order to keep everyone safe, and to slow the spread of this virus. Since you will have to wear a mask anyway, why not incorporate it into your costume?

Here is a list of some Halloween costume ideas that your mask will totally go with:

1.) Doctor or nurse — This one may seem obvious, but any costume inspired by a health care worker would definitely work your mask into the costume with ease.

2.) Cowboy/cowgirl — With this costume, you could use a bandanna to cover your mouth and nose without it seeming out-of-place.

3.) Ninja — Most ninja costumes only allow your eyes to be visible.

4.) Cat, mouse, or other animal — You could buy or make a mask with all of the animal features on it.

5.) Burglar — You could wear a ski mask, and your nose and mouth would be covered.

6.) Hannibal Lector — In possibly one of the most iconic scenes of “Silence of the Lambs,” Hannibal can be seen wearing a muzzle-like face covering, which covered his nose and mouth.

7.) Skier — Once again, a ski mask would work perfectly for this costume.

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8.) Mummy — The wrapping of a mummy would certainly cover your nose and mouth.

9.) Darth Vader — The black mask that he wears through the “Star Wars” movies would be great, since the point of it was to cover his face anyway.

10.) Buzz Lightyear/astronaut — A traditional face mask would not work well with this costume, but a clear face shield would work perfectly, and look just as perfect.

11.) The Joker/Harley Quinn — You could get a solid white face mask and paint or draw a “smile” across it. This design would fit perfectly with your face paint.

12.) Power Ranger — The colorful morph-suit would work well to cover your face.

13.) Firefighter — A replica of the oxygen mask that a firefighter wears would be both protective and look awesome.

14.) Any costume that requires face paint — A mask can easily be painted to match your face paint.

15.) Any costume that already requires some type of mask — Nearly any Halloween mask would cover your nose and mouth.

Don’t let a mask ruin your costume. Please stay safe this Halloween. Maintain social distancing, and wear your mask. Happy Halloween!

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