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the night waves

walloped at the infested shore.

bottles, cans, straws

waltzed upon the sandy ballroom.

mute nocturnal tides

swept the sojourned mirror

into the embrace

of a dying seagull.

its eyes peered

to the reflected swollen abdomen —

as its stomach erupted

to a spewing shower of plastic

this scene of human depravity,

from careless consumerism

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to the lives lost, caters

to peoples’ ravenous hunger of plastic.

the ocean is tired

of assaults upon its children;

her arms cradles the beach,

imploring it to open its eyes

salty dews

caressed the mirror

as sun baked dust —

mourning in rivulets

rising tides break free

of the shackles that forced it to kneel—

emboldened, it raised its arms

and slapped the shore.

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