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We did it last year with fathers, so let’s give the mothers a turn. The rules are the same; books, movies and games are all eligible, with the top five best and worst being counted. Biological, adoptive and stepmothers are all fair game.

The Best

5. Marge Simpson (“The Simpsons”) — She doesn’t save the world or go on some grand kind of quest. But putting up with the family she has, like most sitcom moms, takes a special kind of courage.

4. Maria Von Trapp (“The Sound of Music”) — She sings! She dances! She makes fools out of the Third Reich! So much for being a nun…

3. Joyce Byers “(Stranger Things”) — She masquerades as a Russian and travels to other dimensions, despite having an unfortunate case of Winona-Ryder-voice.

2. Sarah Connor (“Terminator”) — You’d think having a semi-homicidal mother, who fights robots and gave birth to you in one of the biggest time travel plot holes ever would be both cool and awkward. And you’d be right.

1. Lily Potter (“Harry Potter”) — Lily Potter gave her son two very important things. One — her life. Two — HER EYES… OOOOOHHHHH…

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The Worst

5. Lorraine McFly (“Back to the Future”) — Nothing says fun like Oedipal awkwardness in the ‘50s. Not to mention the whole time-paradox thing.

4. The Wicked Stepmother (Various fairy tales) — Take your pick of “Hansel and Gretel,” “Cinderella,” “Rapunzel,” etc. They’re the same character, in all honesty.

3. Norman’s mother (“Psycho”) — This won’t make such sense if you don’t know the twist, but let’s just say that she BATES her son into doing some very messed-up stuff.

2. The Other Mother (“Coraline”) — Honestly what I’d expect at the end of a secret, creepy passageway, in an otherwise boring house. And the button-eyes are SO out of style.

1. Cersei Lannister (“Game of Thrones”) — The world of GOT has a lot of memorable moms, whether you’re talking about the undead or the unburnt. But the throne-stealing, church-bombing, incestuous Cersei pretty much takes the cake.

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