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Music isn’t always for everyone, so for May’s music recommendations, we have a podcast instead. This month, it’s time to get haunted — “Let’s Get Haunted,” that is.

In order to get the best, in-depth knowledge about this podcast, I contacted the creators with a few interview questions to get the inside scoop as well as my experience as a listener. These questions were answered during an episode of their podcast, “Episode 30½: Listener Stories #4.”

“Let’s Get Haunted,” as described by its hosts, Alyssa Terry and Natalia Strawn, is the “only hard-hitting investigative journalist podcast about things that may or may not have happened in the first place.”

“It’s paranormal,” said Alyssa. “It’s a paranormal podcast talking about ghosts, aliens, cryptids, unexplained disappearances, unexplained deaths, murders that have a supernatural aspect to it, conspiracy theories. Like we are covering everything that scares ... me in my spare time.”

From a listener’s perspective, “Let’s Get Haunted” is a perfect paranormal podcast to put on and forget about everything bad for a while. With commentary about their personal lives woven into every episode, each upload feels more personal, like friends telling a story.

Other podcasts that cover similar information can feel more strict, like an older history teacher’s lecture that makes you feel like you are obligated to keep listening. “Let’s Get Haunted” is your young history teacher straight out of college who knows what listening to history is like, giving you the material at a reasonable pace mixed with hilarious commentary and personal elements that make you want to keep listening, craving more information and hanging onto their every word.

Paired with each episode is not only information about each topic they cover, ranging from Mothman to possession to government mind control, Alyssa and Natalia teach life lessons throughout.

“It’s like you get self-conscious right?” Alyssa said. “You’re putting something out there that you wrote or that you researched and sometimes it’s easy to have self doubt, and so I think, you know, just put it out anyway. Even if you have self doubt, if it wasn’t that great, then now you know for next time what to do.”

Natalia adds, “Wanting to be perfect will keep you from wanting to do it at all.”

These lessons are some of the many threaded throughout each episode. While they may be unintentional, their stories show listeners that their mental health should be valued over anything else, even if life sucks you can still make the best of it, and, above all, find something you are passionate about a roll with it no matter what.

They note that a single episode takes a total of 20 hours and they aren’t making much from it, sometimes even being out money for the process, yet they keep going, producing over 32 episodes in just over a year. This commitment shows in each and every episode they produce. The research they put in creates an educational story line with profound detail and background information. They take time to explore every possible reason for each theory and, when possible, put in phone calls and audio recordings from people who have experienced or been in each situation covered.

Their personalities further carry the show, with their amazing humor and go-with-the-flow attitudes, Alyssa and Natalia make the podcast seem like they are right next to you, just three friends getting haunted together. From the words of Natalia, “You cannot believe in any of this... and still find it super entertaining and fun.”

For a closing from this interview, Natalia said, “I invite all the people out there in the world who are seeing this article, instead of saying no, you don’t have to say yes, just say maybe to possibilities ... and I promise you... if you just apply that to your life, it will open up for you so much more.”

So, if paranormal stuff isn’t exactly for you, still say maybe to Let’s Get Haunted. If ghosts and conspiracies may not be your jam, the humor and vibes of each episode will be.

You can find this podcast by searching for “Let’s Get Haunted” on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud for free, and I have made a Spotify playlist of my favorite episodes and the episode with the interview. Stay haunted, FlipSiders.