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Friends Young Fans

Esme Goldman, 13, streams an episode of the ‘90s sitcom “Friends” via Netflix on her laptop in her bedroom, in Pasadena, California, on Aug. 22.

With so many school breaks coming up, one of the primary activities will be binge watching television shows for the fun of it. Binge watching shows is almost an art form. Being able to follow a story line and be interested in it for episodes upon episodes is really hard if the show isn’t interesting, so I’ve done my best to compile a list of Netflix shows you don’t want to miss.

1. “Criminal Minds”

A classic, if I do say so myself. This show is about crime fighting via physiological profiling. Each member on the team is trained to use how the person committed the crime (usually homicide) to find the criminal. It’s very interesting to see how they backtrack the perpetrator based on the crime. I promise that about two seasons in you’ll feel like an FBI profiler.

Between the intricate crime scenarios and the lovable characters, it’s a show that will keep you interested the whole time.

2. “Jane the Virgin”

This show is so self-aware of the plotline that it’s hilarious. Better yet, the show just wrapped up, so no waiting desperately for the next season to find out what happened to your favorite character. Each character in this show has their own flair, which makes it very enjoyable to watch, but the best part is the plotline. It is modeled after a telenovela, which is a Latin American soap opera, and therefore it takes dramatic twists and turns to the next level. With the drama all being narrated by a self aware narrator, “Jane the Virgin” is a show you’re sure to love.

3. “Riverdale”

This show is something you’ve most likely heard about. It follows the lives of teenagers in a small town after a series of dramatic events unfold. It is a very dramatic show and its plot is intriguing but it’s almost comical to watch. This drama is not self-aware, but whether you are watching it to add humorous commentary or watching it because you enjoy the plot, “Riverdale” is a classic binge-watching show.

4. “Designated Survivor”

A show about a political situation, yes please. In this plot, the president and everyone else in line for the presidency is killed with only the designated survivor left. While he knew what he was doing at his former post, being thrown into a presidency tends to leave a person questioning a lot. This show is very interesting to binge watch because it shows a political situation that many find interesting. What would happen if a similar situation occurred? It’s very interesting to watch and will definitely be a good binge.

5. “Quantico”

This show follows FBI Agent Alex Parish as she is in the center of a terrorism investigation while also having flashbacks to her FBI academy training. This drama is very interesting because of all the secrets each trainee has at the academy and how that plays into the terrorism that is currently occurring.

There are so many shows you can binge watch on Netflix, but these five have really stuck out.