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In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, here is a list of the best and worst fathers in pop culture.

Best dads

5 Clark Griswold: “National Lampoon” franchise

He humiliates himself time and time again, but he does it for his family. Except maybe the gambling. I think that’s for himself.

4 Mufasa: “The Lion King”

It takes guts to fight hyenas, sacrifice your life for your son, and then come back for a spectral pep talk. And then doing it again for the remake.

3 Dr. Henry Jones Sr.: “Indiana Jones” franchise

He teaches you to recover ancient sacred treasures and fight Nazis, and it doesn’t hurt that he is also Sean Connery.

2 Marlin: “Finding Nemo”

He traversed the entire ocean to rescue his only son, taking advantage of only one forgetful fish along the way.

1 Atticus Finch: “To Kill a Mockingbird”

OK, it’s been said a million times, but he really is a brilliant and kindhearted man. With a very cool name, I might add.

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Worst dads

5 The Unnamed Father of Charlie Brown: “Peanuts”

The boy is constantly bullied, embarrassed and depressed, and all his dad does is imitate an old trombone.

4 Zeus: Greek mythology

For the god of justice, he doesn’t do much about a homicidal wife trying to kill every child he has.

3 Eon: “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise

Let him be forever known as the demonic David Hasselhoff.

2 Jack Torrance: “The Shining”

Making your kid live in a garishly decorated old hotel is bad enough without trying to murder him with an ax.

1 Darth Vader: “Star Wars” franchise

Actually, I can understand becoming a galactic super villain just so you don’t have to deal with that whiny farm boy.

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