four colorful popsicles

Summer is a time to spend with friends and have fun away from the stress of school, but some days can be a little boring. Here are some ideas for what to do when you get bored this summer.

1Listen to some new musicEveryone has their favorite genre/artist, but why not try mixing it up a little? Go on Spotify or Apple Music and find summer playlists. You can also find something in a completely opposite genre from what you usually listen to. Switching up your music can lead to finding new favorites and having an amazing time this summer.

2 Make ice popsIf you Google ice pop recipes, about a million and one will pop up, so giving one a try is the fun part. Most of them are just mixing juices, such as orange and cranberry, together and putting them in a cup with a stick and freezing them, but to make it even better, try to mix berries together, and then freeze them.

3 Start a new Instagram accountHave a favorite celebrity or want to give self-help advice? Start an Instagram account and start updating it daily to have an outlet and something to do when you find yourself doing nothing.

4 Prepare for the next school yearAlready stressing about that hard class you signed up for? Why don’t you start prepping? Just take about 30 minutes per day and go over material using resources that are available, like Khan Academy. When you get into the class, everything will feel a little easier because you’ve been preparing.

5Go see a movieSummers have the best movies. It’s not just me, it’s a fact. Companies release movies near and in summer because that’s when people have the time to see them. A good example is the new Spider-Man movie coming out July 2 — go check it out with your friends!

6Go to a parkThere are multiple parks around us in West Virginia. A quick Google search will show you the closest ones. Take your dog or just go on a walk with your friends.

Here’s to a great summer!