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Snowman Holiday Cookie and Friends

Christmas is almost upon us. Time for sugar cookies and an overload of green and red everywhere you look. Now is the time to spend time with friends and family.

One way to spend time with friends this holiday season is by throwing a Christmas sleepover and here’s your guide to the perfect one:

Plan the party (but leniently)Plan your party to keep everyone entertained but leniently enough to have some fun. By this I mean you can plan board games at 8 but don’t set times like “Play Monopoly 8-8:20.” It takes away from the spontaneous fun that makes sleepovers enjoyable. Plan the time everyone should get there and then plan movies, games, etc., leaving enough time for each activity to morph into an experience you won’t forget. Remember, you need to be able to change plans quickly, too!

Secret SantaBefore the party, have your group of friends draw names for Secret Santa. Have everyone put their names on a piece of paper and have everyone draw for a name. If someone gets their own name, have everyone redraw. Each person needs to buy a gift for the person they drew and these can be exchanged at the party.

Cookie decoratingSomething that just resonates Christmas to me is cookie decorating. The worse the better (the decor — NOT the cookies). Get some sugar cookies (pre-baked or bake them yourself), icing and decorations like sprinkles. You can have everyone decorate a handful of cookies and then yum!

GamesYou can play games like scavenger hunts, but board games tend to be a crowd favorite. Things like Monopoly and Clue make everyone compete and are guaranteed to make everyone laugh.

MoviesYou can go different directions with your movie choices. You could go romcom, which is basically any Hallmark movie ever. You could go classic Christmas with moves such as “Elf,” “Home Alone” and “A Christmas Story.” My personal favorite route would be the comedy one. Movies such as “White Chicks” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” are some favorites that have everyone rolling on the floor while throwing popcorn.

Just have funRemember not to take anything too seriously. Maybe have some face masks and sparkling cider if you’re feeling fancy — have fun!