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Blennerhassett -

The Blennerhassett mansion is the main tourist attraction on Blennerhassett Island, located on the Ohio River near Parkersburg in Wood County, W.Va. The current mansion is a recreation built in the 1970s.

Located on a small island in the middle of the Ohio River lies a haunted area that has kept secrets, paranormal activity and is a place where history has created a story of treason, chaos and pure terror: Blennerhassett Island.

This place was one of history’s main landmarks; people have taken tours of the mansion and the nearby grounds. I personally visited with my family a few weeks ago, and I would definitely recommend going.

Back in 1797, Harman Blennerhassett and his wife, Margaret Blennerhasett, bought 174 acres of land and decided to build a mansion. The mansion consisted of a kitchen toward the outside east wing, an office toward the west wing, a golden dining area, three to four bedrooms, three living areas and a hidden trap door in the office to hide Harman’s mistress. According to, the Blennerhassett’s were known for hospitality and biology, thus having many visitors.

One famous visitor of theirs was a man named Aaron Burr, the former vice president of the United States. After dueling Alexander Hamilton, he ran off and hid at the mansion at Blennerhassett Island. What Margaret didn’t know was that her husband was associated with Aaron Burr’s treason. They were both in hiding.

Once Margaret returned from Marietta, she found the house ransacked from the military officials. According to, the mansion became a headquarters area for Burr’s military to take over land and create a new country to lead.

The government heard about the uprising of this situation and managed to capture both Harman and Burr for treason. Once Margaret returned, she took her three children and fled the scene. Harman was arrested a few weeks later, but managed to get his release. According to the website, the information explains that the Blennerhassetts moved back, however most of their fortune was used for some of Burr’s land in Mississippi.

The Blennerhassetts lived in poverty for the rest of their lives. Harman tragically passed in 1831, with his wife following in 1842. The three children didn’t manage well either. One son went missing after a night of drinking, another died of starvation and the other died in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. In 1811, the mansion was then burned from charges of arson on the main land and completely burnt down. The land was sold to family members later on.

In 1973, the mansion was completely rebuilt and constructed once the workers found the blueprints. The place is now a tourist attraction.

The island has gift shops, concession stands, horse and carriage rides and a boat ride to the other side of the island. The mansion tour is only 30-45 minutes long, and the gift shop has all sorts of interesting information. If you would like to visit, go to their website blennerhassettislandsp .com for more information.

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