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The Cabell County Commission works constantly to better the lives of the citizens of Cabell County. We have three commissioners who are dedicated to serving the people.

Commissioners Kelli Sobonya, Nancy Cartmill and Jim Morgan are the three imperative figures who make up the Cabell County Commission.

The Cabell County commissioners tirelessly work through tasks.

I had the opportunity to interview Cabell County Commissioner Kelli Sobonya. She shared her point of view on her job.

“The county commission is charged with many tasks,” she said. “One is to set and approve the annual budget for all the elected county officials. We are charged with providing salaries, health care and other benefits for county employees, maintaining our courthouse, hearing tax appeals from the public, and we help provide many public safety services as the county commission is in charge of our county’s EMS and ambulance service.

“We work in collaborative efforts with the mayors and city council members in the cities within our county boundaries. We provide funding for our libraries and parks through the levies we approve. We pass ordinances.”

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The Cabell County Commission has a plethora of duties that all benefit the county. Public spaces like libraries and parks are maintained by the commission’s levies. Some of Cabell County’s first responders — like our excellent EMS and ambulances — are paid for and kept by the commission which provides people like myself with efficient and reliable safety services. The amount of collaboration and effort involved with the job of commissioner is extensive and our Cabell County commissioners bare the weight impeccably.

The three commissioners are all passionate about their role as commissioner and a member of the Cabell County community. They dedicate themselves fully to the people of Cabell County.

When asked what inspired her to become a commissioner, Sobonya said she, “saw many problems in the county which needed addressed.

“I decided to run for the county commission to take my ideas from the statehouse to the courthouse and grow our county economically. Cabell County is a great place to live and raise a family, but I have a vision to grow our county in every positive way possible.”

Sobonya stepped down as a state legislator of 16 years and became a Cabell County commissioner. She saw problems and she decided to fix them, to make Cabell County a better place for families like mine. Having a commission made up of people like this is a gift to my growing county.

The people of Cabell County are blessed with three hard working commissioners who care deeply for the people. They do anything they can to improve the lives of the public. They are listeners who care to answer questions from even the younger citizens like myself. They love Cabell County and the people. Cabell County couldn’t have a better commission

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