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Be safe wear a mask for Happy New Year celebration during Covid 19 pandemic

It has been such a crazy year — one that gave us surprise after surprise (and not in a positive sense). I think I can speak for a majority when I say that while we know that it not being 2020 doesn’t mean that all the problems simply resolve themselves, it doesn’t hurt to know that we are entering a new year. A new year is something that mentally signifies a new start, and that is exactly what people crave at the moment — a new start amidst the uncertainty.

In the past weeks we have begun to see the vaccine being given to officials such as Governor Jim Justice, but there are still many people skeptical about the vaccine. Another conflict arisen out of conflict is exactly what we have seen a lot of this year — an exponential growth of negative problems occurring. The trend being that when one event occurs, many will follow. Between online everything and a sense of uncertainty, a new year is exactly what is needed to remind us that even in all the chaos, time keeps ticking on. We have not lost all normalcy yet.

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