Holiday breaks can sometimes be boring. Below are productive things you can do during the time away from school.

• Create a vision board — Creating a vision board for the following year can help you focus on your goals and help you define where exactly you want to be in the next year.

• Create a college dream board — Envisioning being successful in college is half the battle. Create a board about college. Go online and find information about colleges that you like and want to visit. Add them to your calendar for next year. This also helps create goals.

• Volunteer — During the holiday season, there are many charities and organizations seeking volunteers to help people in need.

• Try something new — It’s always good to try something new. It could be anything from a new food you’ve never tried, or an activity you’ve always wanted to try. The options are endless.

• Read — Discovering new books can be productive and enjoyable. Reading while not attending school can benefit you by expanding your vocabulary and improving your reading skills.