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Earth Day is on Monday, April 22. As our planet is facing many issues, the best thing to do is to see how you can help.

Notice how you use water

We use water so often that we start to take it for granted. Try taking a shorter shower. Not anything drastic, but maybe take a 5 to 10 minute shower instead of a 30 minute shower. Also, try using a refillable water bottle. By having a refillable water bottle and using the resources around you to fill it, you can help with the plastic usage in the world. Another simple task — turn off the water when brushing your teeth. There is no need to have the water run the entire time. Try just using it when you need it during the process of brushing your teeth.

Try being more plant basedIt’s not giving up meat, it’s just making the conscience decision to eat something with a plant base. Try eating a salad with whatever your meal is. You could also make plans to garden during the summer. A good thing to start out with is herbs like basil. It is easy to keep them in the window and water them occasionally.

Reduce your paper use

Don’t waste a lot of paper, and recycle the paper you do use. By doing this, you can help the environment.

While doing these things may seem little, if everyone would just try and do their part, the world would slowly improve. This Earth Day, take a moment to think about what you can do to help the Earth.