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Flowers, high temperatures and a cloudless sky are all signs of the one thing high school students constantly look forward to — summer break.

But before students can get their blissful 10 weeks of vacation, a week filled with exams, projects and, most of all, stress comes first.

For many students, stress is a part of daily life, whether it be while studying for a unit test or getting an assignment done on time. For some, stress can even help by pressuring a student to complete loads of assignments on time. But too much stress is a bad thing, and with finals week rolling around, stress will be at an all-time high for these students as they cram to study a semester load of work in a few nights.

With such high levels of stress, it’s important for students to be equipped with mechanisms to relieve stress in order to function properly. Here are four great ways to de-stress during finals week:

1 Take a deep breath and distance yourself from what you’re working on. It’s important to keep a clear mind and center yourself with your surroundings. Start some breathing exercises by inhaling in and out at a constant rate until you feel able to continue working.

2 Take a walk. Taking a short walk up your street will stimulate circulation and get your mind off the study material. This is a great time to completely clear your thoughts and just take some time to step outside of yourself.

3 Eat a snack, whether it be healthy or unhealthy. Snacks have been scientifically proven to release small amounts of chemicals that improve happiness. Eating a snack gives the brain a much-needed rest so long as the snack break is taken away from the study spot.

4 Exercise. Taking a break to exercise is a great way calm down when stressed out. Whether it’s running, cycling or lifting, exercise is a great way to channel the stress into a physical activity while also being healthy.