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Twin girls Alma and Clil and their mother, Anna Michel, (right) wait their turn to enter their elementary school in Jerusalem Sunday for the first time in weeks. West Virginia schools are closed for the rest of the school year.

The spring semester of 2020 is currently at a halt. No one really knows what’s going to happen with the rest of this school year. All we know is that sporting events, proms, field trips, and graduations, have been either canceled or put on hold to be rescheduled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

How are students reacting to their year being cancelled? How do seniors feel knowing that their graduation, last prom, and last time to play their sport might have just been taken away?

“I’m not crying because I miss the work we do in class,” said Dallas Jarret, senior at Buffalo High School. “I’m crying because this is so true. I planned on making memories with my best friends in these last few months of school, walking across the stage saying ‘I did it,’ being with my friends in our caps and gowns, throwing them up as we make our final moments in the high school we called home for the last four years. It’s almost gone, almost taken away. It’s no one’s fault and we can’t blame anyone. But it still hurts.”

Jordan Fitzwater, senior at Hannan High School, said it was “really upsetting.”

“I won’t get to have those memories with my friends and it’s not like we could prepare for it like, Friday might have been the last time I see a lot of people and that sucks,” Fitzwater said.

“We’ve never had a typical school year, said Buffalo High School sophomore Ashley Armstrong. “At this point I’m used to it. The thing I don’t like is, the world telling us we need to hide in our houses. I believe we learn when we go out into the world, not sit in a classroom or behind a screen. I’m a book person, not a screen [person]. But, sometimes even a book isn’t enough.”

Jayme Sarver, a junior at Hurricane High School, knows seniors are probably having a much harder time than younger students.

“So many emotions come to mind when thinking about the unknown of the remainder of the school year,” Sarver said. “I feel lucky to have had my sport [cheerleading] in the fall, but my heart goes out to the seniors and spring sport athletes who may not get to play this year. I can only imagine how the seniors are coping with the unknown of what is supposed to be one of the greatest years of their lives, but I’m just hoping and praying that everything will go back to normal soon.”

Some seniors try to take a positive look at the situation.

“It’s been a long journey with so many ups, and a lot of downs,” said Buffalo High School senior Christian Eddy. “It sucks that some of the memories I’ve looked forward to might not happen at all. My last year ever getting to play a sport, last prom and my chance to walk across that stage. I hope I can still do this — looking out into the crowd of people supporting me, with my lost loved ones smiling down above me, and knowing that I did it. But, a glass half full is better than a glass half empty, and I can look back on these last 12 years knowing that those are some of the best memories I’ll ever have, and knowing that even though I probably won’t get to shake my principal’s hand on stage, I can still truly understand that I finally made it.”

These quotes best describe how students of different grade levels are feeling right now about the cancellation of the rest of the 2020 school year. Seniors are hurt that the moment they have been looking forward to for the past 12 years just got taken away. Underclassmen are sympathetic for them, and worry about how their grades are going to be affected by all the cancellations and having to take classes online. Generally, everyone seems worried and confused about the situation, but one thing is clear — seniors need a hug during this difficult time.