With Christmas over, there is something more pressing to focus on: midterms. Midterms are stressful, but there are some foolproof methods for studying that will get you a good grade.

Writing things out is proven to help you remember them better. An even better way to write them is with different colors so that your brain reacts to seeing them. If you have notes, copy them and add some doodles and illustrations to give yourself a visual. One of the best places to look for note taking inspiration is Pinterest. By looking at templates and organizing the notes you have, you will most likely be able to make connections easier.

Another method is studying with someone else. Take turns with a friend asking questions back and forth, so that you will both get practice in. If you do this, make sure to have the questions that you want them to use ready so that you can study quickly and efficiently.

The last method is something that a lot of people probably already subconsciously do. Make little thought processes to remember facts. If you need to know the Spanish word for store remember ‘I get tea at the store’ and that will help you remember that it is ‘tienda’. By having small tricks like these you can remember certain facts without having to fully memorize them.

While you may have a method that works for you, experimenting with some other ways may help. Also, good luck with midterms because I know I sure need it.