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There has been so many different viruses going around and keeping sanitary and clean is very important.

The viruses include coronavirus, the flu and strep. So keeping clean can help to not catch these nasty things.

The coronavirus is a virus that can cause respiratory infections including the common cold. There is no vaccines or medication that can prevent or treat the coronavirus. It started in China just a few months ago and has now spread to many other countries including our own. More than 1,000 have died in China from it, but only a few in our country so far.

The flu and strep are very common things to have, especially during this season. They are both treatable with medication and there are also ways to prevent them. One way is to get your flu shots yearly.

The flu is a virus you wouldn’t want. There are so many ways to keep clean to prevent getting these nasty viruses. Always make sure to wash your hands or even just use hand sanitizer. If you are close to someone with one of these virsues, you can wear a mask.

Maintaining your immune system can also be very important to not catch one of these. If you feel that you have one of these nasty viruses, stay away from school or work, go to a doctor and possibly get some medication if it is needed. It can be very important for everyone else that you stay home while you are sick.

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