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kc pool swimming

Kids swim in the pool at the Kanawha City Community Center on June 4.

For those who live in the Charleston area, many are familiar with the multiple pools located near town. While at some you can pay a daily rate for admission, at others, the only way to get in is by paying a fee at the beginning of the summer.

Is it worth it to make this kind of payment, which can ultimately be a few hundred dollars each year? This price does not even include the money spent at concessions for a cold drink after a long day out in the sun.

For many, the concern around investing in a membership to a private pool is simple: Will they actually visit the pool enough for the cost to be justified?

For parents who work over the summer, it can be difficult to find free days, or even days where they have the motivation to pack up the kids and head to the pool. Some families find their schedules so packed that they just don’t have the time to use their membership.

On the other hand, if you find your summer empty of plans, joining a private pool may be a good plan for you. Even if you go in not knowing any of the people there, more often than not, you will make some new friends by the time fall arrives.

Additionally, people of all ages can find a way to enjoy themselves at the pool. Plus, it can be a good bonding experience for the whole family.

Some believe that you can’t put a price on summer memories spent together at a private pool, filled with a tight community of friends. Others are more suited to just occasionally visiting a more public pool and paying for a day at a time. Depending on your lifestyle and summer schedule, a private pool may or may not be for you.