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Does your school provide students with individual school planners each school year? My school, Logan Middle School, does, but the student body has varying opinions on them.

Some students like them, some despise them, some believe that they were a great idea and some believe that they’re a total waste of school funding. To fully understand the reasoning behind these planners, let’s go back to the beginning.

Planners were first invented by Robert Aitken, and began sales in 1773. Aitken’s idea derived from President George Washington’s almanac, which provided colonists with necessary information and allowed Washington to plan out his days, according to The Boston Globe’s article, “The daily planner: An American history.” While there are many modern variations of the original daily planner, each one has the same purpose — to allow customers to write out and plan their day.

Many schools around the globe provide planners for their students to utilize and write down assignments or projects, free of charge. While some may not use them, many other students greatly appreciate these simple, basic tools during school.

Teachers typically enjoy them, too, because the planners can help to hold students accountable for any missing work. These planners could greatly affect students’ academic careers, provided that they choose to utilize them, of course.

To get a more accurate consensus, I interviewed eight current and former Logan Middle School students. Their responses were mixed on the topic.

“I believe that the planners are extremely unnecessary,” said Bobbi Bradshaw, an eighth grade student. “The schools waste money on them, when they could be spending it on something better.”

Another student said that the planners are “really good to keep things in order.”

“Especially with certain lessons, like if you leave off somewhere, you will remember by the planner,” said seventh grade student Emilee Mullins.

Not all students use their planners.

“I don’t use mine,” said seventh grade student Halle Crouse.

“I think that they’re a waste of space and money. They’re completely unnecessary.”

Seventh grade student Victoria Duncan agrees.

“No, I don’t use mine,” she said. “I think that they’re unnecessary, because hardly anyone uses them.”

Others find the organization aspect helpful.

“I use mine a lot, actually, and I think that they’re a good idea because it helps kids to stay organized with their school work,” said seventh grade student Isabella Mark.

Some only use the planners because their teachers require it.

“I only use mine in one class, and only because that teacher makes us write in them,” said eighth grade student Mason Skidmore. “I would say that they’re a waste of money to pay for every student to have one and not use it.”

Logan High School freshman Mara VanDaff didn’t use her planner much in middle school.

“I only used mine when teachers made us write in them, and only one teacher made us,” she said.

Despite admitting they can be helpful, some students just prefer not to use their planners.

“They can keep you up-to-date on homework, but personally, I don’t use mine,” said seventh grade student Andrea Ramey.