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With the summer coming to a close and school bells on the horizon, it’s time for the dreaded back-to-school shopping that we’ve all been through countless times.

Whether you shop at Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target or Office Max, there are classroom essentials necessary for every student.

Going back to school can be stressful, but with organization and preparation, it can be the start of a great school year.

Here are some tips that will help students, as well as parents, when it comes to back-to-school shopping:

1. Make a list

Before charging the doors of your school supply provider, grab a pen and start jotting down the items you need. If your school gives you a list of items you need, start there and add, or subtract, items if necessary. Making a list not only helps you remember items, but it keeps you on track so you don’t buy items that aren’t necessary.

2. Be resourceful

To start, it’s important to be mindful of how much money you want to spend, as well as if it’s necessary to buy certain items. Check first with a parent or rummage around your house to see if there are any school supplies that were unused from the last school year, or any salvageable materials. This would limit the amount of items you need to buy for the new school year, and ultimately save some money.

3. Stock up for next year

A few weeks after the back-to-school craze is over, sales and discounts start rolling in. Whether it’s notebooks or pencils, most stores have sales that students (and especially parents), would be happy to take advantage of. If you have a good idea of what items you are going to need the following year, this is the perfect time grab what you’ll need, and stock up for the next school year. Not only will it save money, but if you run out of pages in a notebook in the middle of the semester, you’ll have one ready to go.