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The Mystery Hole in Ansted, West Virginia, has been known for its infamous tourists and travelers from across the country. This peculiar place is said to defy logic and laws of gravity. But the real question is, how is that even possible? No one knows! Not even the founder knows. Isn’t that weird?

In 1973, Donald Wilson discovered an underground spot that caused his body to tilt without falling. He felt as if he was forced sideways, however he felt balanced.

“Like many mystery houses of the time that once dotted the American roadways, this odd gravimetric behavior manifested in rooms where people seemed to stand at a distinct slant, balls and even water that seemed to roll uphill, and furniture balanced on impossibly precarious points,” according to the website, Atlas Obscura. This became a huge wonder to a lot of people, especially how the gravity affected this one area.

Most people tend to question this odd place. Most believe it’s their eyes playing tricks on them. Many come time and time again just curious to know if they really did see what they thought they’d seen. The answers to this place have remained unsolved. Not a single person knows the truth behind why the Mystery Hole has a weird tilt and a gravity pull.

The Mystery Hole manages to affect people in many ways, some for the better and some for the worst. Most people who have motion sickness don’t come out as safely as others would without getting sick.

“We have noticed that the highly educated folks do ask more questions than the lesser educated ones do,” according to the Mystery Hole’s official website. “Whatever these unidentified effects may be, they are believed not to be a serious threat to those searching for fun and excitement.”

If you would like to hear more about this weird, but fascinating place visit to learn more. Just be warned because it is said people come back outside walking sideways! This place is sure to give you something to question.

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