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APTOPIX New York New Year

Revelers, including Natsumi Ishikawa (left) and Minori Kondo (second from left), both from Nagoya, Japan, take part in the New Year’s Eve festivities in New York’s Times Square, Dec. 31, 2019. Ishikawa and Kondo are both in the United States for school and said it was their first New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

The year 2020 is bound to be filled with jokes about vision and references to the Roaring ’20s. Here are some ways that you can start the year out on a good foot without going overboard with resolutions.

  • If you are in school, realize this is a fresh start to a new semester. While the grades from before do carry over, that doesn’t mean you can ace this semester. Start planning ahead. Procrastination is your worst enemy, and if you sit there hoping the assignment will get done, I can guarantee that it won’t.
  • If a teacher assigns a long-term project, just start it that evening. If you don’t have the energy to solely focus on the assignment, then watch some television while doing the work. Getting the work done slowly is better than not at all. Stop putting things off until the last second to make it so you have more time to adjust.
  • I had to put this in here, but just drink water. Make a conscious effort to not be a dehydrated mess. You will feel better and refreshed. This is something you hear all the time, but it really does make a difference.
  • Ease yourself into a better mindset. Don’t all at once decide to meditate daily and try and think positively — it won’t work. Instead try little by little changing the way you view the world. Something bad happens? Accept it and try and look for the good things from the situation, whether that be the lesson you learned or some things down the road that make it not seem as bad. Meditating more frequently can also help you focus more. There are apps and websites that can help you in the process of mediation.

Just remember, even if you fail to do any of these, don’t give up on 2020. It’s bound to be a great year filled with exciting opportunities.