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The 2020 presidential election showed the highest voter turnout in U.S. history, displaying Gen Z’s voting power for the future. Gen Z has shown to be the most progressive generation yet and given the rise of youth activism and social awareness, it’s no surprise.

Youth activism can take the form of boycotting, protests, signing petitions, actively spreading awareness, voting, etc. For someone just beginning to get involved (and it’s never too late to get involved), it may be confusing on where to start and how to continue.

The first step to take in youth activism is finding your “what.” What social issue(s) are driving you to take action? What actions can be taken to make an impact? A good place to start can be making a habit to educate yourself on the problem and staying aware. Changes can occur constantly, so it is important to stay up to date on the latest news.

One of the simplest ways to participate in activism is by promoting and spreading awareness of social issues through social media. Social media can cause interactions between people to be more powerful than it may seem. The expansion of social networks between people and their peers can help spread information and sources efficiently. One repost of an informational post can easily reach a large audience (and continue expanding to an even larger audience).

How can an advocate stay actively involved in the fight for change? For youth advocates, participating in protests, events, etc. may not be possible because of transportation and other barriers. However, activism can be displayed in more than one way. Digital activism can be a great way for you to participate online by joining platforms focusing on issues you care about, creating your own organization, joining certain school clubs, and signing petitions on

Youth activism has become a large part of Gen Z ‘s identity and will continue to do so for future generations. While the world is always changing, the ways of the youth do, too.

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