Unhappy Pre teen boy at school

Are schools really helping us? Throughout most of our lives, we have been sitting in classrooms memorizing “important information,” but will we ever use any of the skills given to us?

The modern school that we are used to teaches us how to memorize certain facts and trivial knowledge, instead of teaching us important life skills to make sure that we can flourish in today’s world. Skills like paying bills, balancing a checkbook, cooking, fixing a tire, paying taxes and how to write a resume aren’t taught. Most teens have never heard of these things, let alone know how to do them.

The modern age has put the teaching of these skills up to the parents, but most parents are either unqualified to do this or oblivious to the help their children need. But this is not the only problem. One thing that everyone needs is a job, but how do you do that job?

To keep and be good at an occupation, you need to be aware of how the job works, and the intelligence needed to do that is not provided by our school systems. These skills are assuming that you can get the job in the first place. Most interviewers need to make sure you know how to complete the tasks available to do the job. The interviewer might ask you, “Do you know how to file a report once someone has called in?” And the only way we’ll be able to answer is, “No, but I do know that our country gained its independence in 1776.”

As of 2011, 1.5 million college graduates under 25 were out of work or underemployed, according Norteastern University researchers. That’s over 50 percent of graduates. And 48 percent of the ones who were employed had jobs that require less than a four-year degree.

The grading system is also to blame. Our teachers tell us that if you try your hardest you can make straight A’s, but this is not the case in the real world. I’m sure you can name some very successful people. Whether its Michael Jordan, Stephen King or Dr. Dre, all have tried their hardest and failed. These grades will put us in a quitting mindset. “Oh, I tried my hardest and didn’t do well, I guess this isn’t the job for me.” But this is just not true; in life, to do anything at an A+ level, you need to get a lot of F’s first.

So, how do you fix one of the major factors in our society? All of us need to take a step back, to look and see, that even the most successful people in school are failing in the world. Then we can work together to get to the root of this problem, and fix it however it needs to be fixed.